5 Tips To Help Improve Your Surfing
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Here at Epic Gap Year we love to surf – in fact all of our team enjoy nothing more than to grab a board, hit the waves and forget about work for a bit…no matter how much we love travel!

If you’re looking to learn to surf, have already started or are looking to become a surf instructor here’s 5 easy pointers to help make the most of your session and get ready to paddle out and soak up the surf bum lifestyle…we’ll see you out back!


1) Train

Surfing is a pretty demanding sport and no matter how fit you are it can be a struggle to awake the muscles you use during a session! Swim practice is always a solid start as your paddle power will make the difference between catching the wave of the set or flapping around with noodle arms! When it comes to getting to your feet nothing beats a good few burpie repetitions everyday to get your body ready for a session.


2) Refine Your ‘Pop’

‘Popping’ (or going from laying down to standing) is the fundamental basic of surfing, without it you’re simply bodyboarding – and you’re cooler than that! Practicing this on dry land will mean you get more from your time in the water and it’s one less thing to think about.

Creating a space under your chest for your front foot, keeping the motion as fluid as possible, soft knees and having your shoulders and bum over your ankles are all key point in a successful pop.


3) Practice, Practice, Practice

We can’t stress this enough! Practice is key to any level of surfing! Unlike other sports where the train gin ground is constant (like a football pitch or skate ramp) surfing relies on nature, and mother nature can be pretty inconsistent! The more time you spend in the water the more you’ll learn about how waves operate, which conditions are optimal and most importantly gain confidence. No 2 sessions are the same and no 2 waves in a session are the same – spending time in the water will help you pre empt what may happen and react to what is going on around you in the line up.


4) Know Your Limits

Progressing your surfing is all about pushing your comfort zone, but also staying within your limits. Trying to go too big too soon can be dangerous not only for yourself but also other surfers around you. By all means find the extent of you limits but don’t go paddling out at Pipeline after your first lesson! Safety guys, safety!


5) Learn The Rules

Along with safety go the rules of surfing, although they’re less rules – more common courtesy! Learning things like the drop in rule, the hierarchy of the lineup and where to paddle out will not only make you a better and safer surfer – it’ll also win you respect which will hopefully result in more waves and some new surf buddies to help you out!


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