5 Tips To Help You Save For Your Next Travelling Adventure
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Many people think saving to travel is impossible, but I can tell you from my personal experience that it is easier to save than you might think – in under 2 years, I saved over $27,000 for my around the world trip!

I’m not going to lie at some points it wasn’t easy, but every dollar save was worth the reward – I used this money to scuba dive in Thailand, drink wine watching stunning sunsets in the Greek isle, and for many other priceless experiences.
Here are a few tips to help you save for travel, and if you follow them I know they will help you as well.


1) Have a Monthly Goal

Having an amount of cash you want to save each month give saving a purpose, and gives you a number to shoot for. You start asking yourself before each purchase, “Do I really need this, or could I save that money for travel?”

…and put it into context too – instead of a coffee in the UK you could easily cover a nights accommodation, meal and a beer in Indonesia!

Having a monthly goal helps you keep your focus, which is vital in saving for travel.


2) Push Yourself

When I was saving I would not only try to reach my monthly goal but surpass it.  Every time I surpassed it I would make that new amount my monthly goal for the next month.

Every month I found ways to save a little more, and before long my monthly goal was double what it was when I started. This also makes saving a game you start trying to beat the amount you saved last month.


3) Cut Monthly Expenses

Sit down and make a list of all the money going out of your account every month. Then take another sheet of paper, on this new sheet only place your most vital expenses (car insurance, rent etc.)

After you have your vital expenses separated start slowly cutting out all those expenses that aren’t necessary. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save by doing cutting the little things out.


4) Save Your Change

Most people hate change! I love it, you can save a lot of money if you keep track of your lose change. After 20 months of saving I cashed in all my change and walked out of the bank with over $1000.

It was an amazing surprise and let me have a few more adventure travel experiences like scuba diving, and mountain trekking.


5) Stay Focused

If you keep your focus you will natural do all these other things? That is why keeping your focus in the most important part of saving to travel.  A few ways I kept my focus while saving was looking at pictures of dream destinations, reading awesome travel blogs, and talking to other travellers – basically keep your travel stoke going!


These are first a few travel tips to start earing extra cash for you next adventure around the world – and if you need any more advice or help planning you check out our gap year planing help.



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This is a guest post by blog ambassador Stephen Schreck of A Backpackers Tale

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