numinous packs backpacker traveller review giveaway epic gap yearTodays a pretty epic day at EGY HQ as it’s out first birthday! Yup this time last year we were kicking in back by the ocean in Portugal and hit the launch button on

It was the culmination of over a years worth of coding, writing, editing and all round travel related chaos – which included a lot of blood, sweat, tears and airlmiles!

A year later though we’re super stoked to have sent heaps of travellers from all corners of the globe off on some epic adventures – from learning to freedive in the Philippines to surf road trips in South Africa.

It’s been an awesome year and we’ve been blown away by the feedback all our customers have given us and how many adventures we’ve become a part of.

Our journey is as much about you guys as it is the EGY team!


Numinous Pack Giveaway!

So as is tradition on birthday we’ve got presents…but not for us – nope we want to giveaway some goodies to you guys!

numinous packs backpacker traveller review giveaway epic gap yearWe’ve teamed up with our awesome buddies from Numinous Packs to give away one of their awesome backpacks – which come kitted out with heaps of security features designed to keep all your stuff safe on the road.

And since we know backpacks are a personal thing we’ll let the winner decided between the 55L model and the 65L – so you can still travel how you want too!

All you have to do to enter is “like” the Numinous Packs Facebook Page and sign up to our mailing list (using the sign up form below) – so not only will you be in the chance to win a rucksack but you’ll also be kept up to date with heaps of travel goodness, sneaky peaks at upcoming experiences and lots of exclusive discounts!

We’ve also got a few runner up prizes of our signature Epic Gap Year Sunnies courtesy of the team over at Be Shades!

Thanks again for all your support guys….and good luck!

The Epic Gap Year Team


Competition entry closes at the end of June 2015

Winner will be announced over on our Facebook Page

No cash alternative will be offer

Judges decision is final

Having worked as surf instructors across the globe our team are always stoked when we source a new destination and range of products to add to our surf section!


Our latest destination is no exception to this and we’re stoked to be bringing you some serious Euro waves with our latest surf experiences in the Algarve area of Portugal!

Based down in Lagos and Sagres its a great destination to hit the waves and we’ve got 2 epic products now live on the site.

surf instructor training coach surf camp academy lagos sagres portugal algarve gap year-17

The first is a Portugal Surf Academy and like our Australia Surf Academy you can choose from 1,2 or even 3 months of surfing fun!

They’re geared up for those with little to no experience, coaching you everything you need to learn – from the basics of the pop to how to negotiate unbroken waves and assess new surf spots before paddling out. By the time you leave you’ll have a solid level of surfing ability and you’re sure to have heaps of fun in the Lagos Surf Camp!


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surf instructor training coach surf camp academy lagos sagres portugal algarve gap year-11The second is an express ASI Level 1 Surf Instructor Course. Similar to our Morocco Surf Instructor Course it’s aimed at those who already have a solid level of surfing and who want to gain a world recognised qualification somewhere a bit warmer than the UK!

Based in Sagres It also comes packaged together with a week of surf camp accomodation pre course, so you can have a bit of a holiday too!

The Surf Academy and ASI Surf Instructor Course fun back to back too so you can combine them into a “zero to hero” surf instructor training course – taking you all the way from the basics to becoming a fully fledged surf coach!


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Having worked as instructors for the team at Algarve Surf School in the past we know you’ll be in great hands and whether you choose lagos, sagres or both you’ll have an epic time!

Our free GoPro deal was something our customers were stoked on last year – so much so that we’ve decided to run it again this, but the time make it bigger and better!

Last year everyone booking onto our South Africa Surf Experiences before the end of the year nabbed themselves a free GoPro Hero Camera to help them capture their amazing adventures.

This year though we thought why not share the love – so we’re now offering a FREE GoPro Hero with all our South Africa Surf Experiences, our surf instructor course in Morocco and our surf instructor training in Australia!

Seeing as not everyone is heading out for the surf we’re also now offering the deal to everyone in search of some serious snow too!

So if you book ANY of our ski or snowboard instructor courses (for 2015 or 2016) we’ll package one in for you as well.

Whether you choose to hit the powder in Queenstown, Mt Ruapehu, Colorado, Niseko, Banff or Val d’Isere you’ll be able to capture to journey in photos and full 1080 movie, perfect for making your friends back at home jealous!

So what’s the catch?! 


The only thing you have to do is book your experience before 1st April 2015 – simple as!


And of course as with EVERY booking we’ll also post you out some of our custom Be Shades signature sunglasses too.

…so now your epic adventure just became even better value for money!


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Well xmas is over for another year and after all the festive goodness everyones suffering from the December blues – but no need to get all down and eat yet another box of chocolates or turkey sandwich…2015 is nearly here and to help you kick it off with a bang we’re launching our epic January sale a few days early!

…and of course every booking will still come bundled with a free set of Epic Gap Year sunnies!

Just a quick heads up if you click “more info” – the January Sale Prices can ONLY be booked through the links on this page, so when you want to book head back here to nab your discounts!


7 Days, Heaps Of Savings!

We’ve discounted a heap of our most popular surf, dive, snow and adventure experiences in our January Sales for the NEXT 7 DAYS ONLY (until Jan 6th 2015) and you can save up to £350 – which gives you more dollar in your budget for even more fun times on the road!

So if 2015 is your year for travel (or even 2016 if you’re looking at some of our ski and snowboard instructor courses!) then check out what’s on offer and get it all booked up! What’s even better is some of our experiences (like the Open Water SCUBA Course in Koh Tao) are open dated and valid for the entire year – so if you don’t know your exact dates you can still nab a bargain!

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Koh Tao Open Water Dive Courses – FREE DIVE MASK!

As one of our most popular trips and destinations we’re offering a FREE DIVE mask with any open water dive course booking (PADI or SSI) to help you make the most of the underwater world!

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10 Week South Africa Surf Adventure – £245 Off!

One of our personal favourite this epic 10 weeks surf trip from Cape Town to Durban packs in heaps of waves, mini trips and even volunteering to provide one of the best all round experiences we offer, grab yourself a new surfboard with the sizeable £245 saving!

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South Africa Surf Instructor Course – £300 Off!

All the fun and surfing of our 10 week course but with the added take away of taking your surf instructor examination course at the end of the trip. An amazing world recognised qualification which allows your to surf coach across the globe and with £300 off it’s even more of a bargain!

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13 Week South Africa & Mozambique Surf Adventure – £300 Off!

Probably the best surf experience we have on offer – tackle the 10 week Cape Town to Durban surf trip with an additional 3 weeks, off the beaten track surf adventure up into Mozambique. If you want sun, fun and surf for over 3 months this is the ultimate option!

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6 Day Indonesia Island Hopping Surf Camp – 10% Off!

Starting every Sunday our 6 day Island Hopping Surf Camp in Indonesia covers Bali, Lombok and Nusa Lembongan – a great way to explore and surf in Indonesia.

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Learn Spanish in Montanita, Ecuador (4 Weeks) – 10% Off!

Montanita is one of our teams favourite destinations and is the perfect way to learn Spanish, enjoy the beach and soak up heaps of amazing Latino culture. Kick back here on our 4 week option and nab yourself 10% off.

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Ski or Snowboard Instructor Training Course, Queenstown – £250 Off!

There’s still time to secure your spot for the snow season in New Zealand for 2015. Turn your passion for skiing or snowboarding into a career and qualify as a instructor in time to bounce back and find work for the European season!

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You can however still book all the above experiences!


1) First off tell us a little about yourself and you blog?

My name is Stephen Schreck, and I run an adventure travel website A Backpackers Tale. It follows me as I backpack around the world trying to tick off my bucket list. I say, “trying” because one most of my adventures the time crap hits the fan, which is fine because I always get an amusing story out of it.

I also run Traveling With A Camera – which is my backpacking photo blog.

I have been on the road for the last 14 months and will be going forever hopefully. (fingers crossed)


2) What are some of your favorite stories over the last year?

Well, I ran with the bulls in Pamplona. IT actually took me three tries to run because I kept getting kicked out for trying to hide my go pro. On the last day, I took no chances and left the go pro in my hostel, and stayed up all night by the bull pen.

The run was one of the most thrilling moments of my life, and something I would definitely do again.

I also did the Mongol Rally, an epic road trip. You drive from England to Mongol in a beat up junker that you grandma would consider to be slow. (Our car’s top speed was about 60mph). This was a great experience because it was different that the normal type of backpacking I do. The Rally gives you so many experiences with locals, border guards, and travelers. I loved the Mongol Rally which is why it is the subject of my first EBook.


3) Funniest Story from the Road?

The thing about traveling is a lot of your funny stories aren’t funny at the time. They are “Oh shit” moments that later become funny stories. Like how I am pretty sure my last name helped me get over the Russian Border. On the Mongol Rally we drove the last 7,000 miles without a clutch. That led to some entertaining stories.


4) Any scary moments while traveling?

I once had a staring contest with a grizzly in Alaska. That was a little scary, but something I am proud to say I kept my cool about.


5) What is one thing you feel most proud about on your travels?

Well, I would have to say becoming a Scuba Diver. Ever since I was a kid I have hated deep water, and just a month ago I started my journey to conquer it by getting my open water diving license. Since then I have fallen in love with the deep. I know have my advance license and have done 18 dives in the last month including a scuba dive live aboard in the Similan Islands, Thailand.


6) What do you love so much about traveling?

The more I travel, the more I fall in love with it. I couldn’t imagine going back to my old life, at this point I can’t even remember what that life was like, and I don’t miss it at all.

What I love about traveling is the complete freedom, the sights and the people you meet along the way. Travel strips away a lot of stereotypes, and reinforces a few.


7) What are some of your favorite countries?

Last year I powered through countries, 37 in total. That number is way too high for a year. The Mongol Rally was a major reason for such fast travel; sometimes we were driving going a country every couple days.

The thing is I love everywhere I go. Without realizing it, I used to message my family every time I entered a new country, “I love it here” after about twenty times of getting that message my mom wrote back. “You love it everywhere”

I very much believe in slow travel. I like to spend at least a month in a country. I slow traveled Thailand for a couple months. I absolutely love the country, and the diving here is insane! If you like diving, I can’t recommend diving in the Simians enough! It was a huge highlight of my year.
I also like Turkey and recommend it as a good introduction to the Middle East.

Anywhere in Europe is always fine with me, as well.


8) What are a few of your favorite things to do when you’re on the road?

Ha, anything that gets my blood pumping. Like I said earlier, I have really fallen in love with scuba diving. I also love mountains. I love adventures, living a little on the edge, and trying new things.


9) Give us five things that you want to cross off your bucket list.

Exploring the Galapagos.

Diving in Fiji.

Visiting every country in the world – Hopefully by 2025

Walking the Camino of Santiago.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail.


10) What are you future travel plans?

I’m currently am living and working in Australia. I will be here the rest of the year.  In December, I start another year around the world. I am not sure if I am going to start it in Asia, South America, Africa, but I am planning on spending an extensive amount of time on all three continents.

However, when you are traveling nothing is ever certain.


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Well it’s been a long time in the making but we’ve finally launched!

Over the last 8 months the Epic Gap Year team have been pooling their collaborative travel knowledge, coding, editing, building and generally stressing the hell out over building the site and bringing you an epic variety of travel experiences!

We’ve launched now though and we can all breathe a sigh of relief (and celebrate with an ice cold mojito!) and allow you to enjoy what we’ve created.

But you’re probably wondering what Epic Gap Year is and who we are!

Basically we’re a travel agency aimed to help you live the dream – it’s run by travellers, for travellers with 3 aims;


  • Help you indulge a passion
  • Allow you to learn something new
  • Open up new career paths


So if you want to do anything in the above we’ve got you covered! Whether you fancy learning a new language in South America, jumping on a dive charter boat around Thailand or taking your hobby to a new level by becoming an instructor we’ve hand sourced a variety of surf, dive, snow and adventure experiences from around the globe.

We’ve also teamed up with some of our amazing travel blogger friends to keep expanding our portfolio and bring you even more amazing experience over the coming months.

In the meantime have a browse, send us some feedback, have a read about who we are, enjoy our blog and social media channels and start planning your epic adventure.

We hope we can give you the tools to go live the dream.


Take it easy


Epic Gap Year Founder


We’ve also got to give a HUGE thanks to the following who have inspired, encouraged, supported and helped us make the site a reality;

Kaeleee for being there at the beginning and putting up with all our anti social hostel time, Scotty for the brainstorming road trip and advice, Jacqui for her amazing support and contacts, Dawn and Tony for their endless cups of tea and all round encouragement, the rest of the Stevens Goffs and Ellis’ for putting up with my alternative way of life, Josh and Little Cribby for all their design work, Jim Eddy Stefan and James for encouraging the initial idea and getting their companies on board, Gijs for all his amazing admin input, Weatherly for keeping me sane with Jack Daniels, everyone I’ve met on the road who have inspired me to keep travelling…sorry if I’ve missed everyone – but anyone who’d listened to me rant, chat or discuss ideas against their will or have helped checked out the site is much appreciated!