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We love a good bit of travel and technology here at Epic Gap Year anything that makes travelling easier, more compact and generally adds to the amazing experiences on the road is a hit with us. If you’re looking at heading out on an adventure we definitely recommend you check out some of the following products – a good mix of travel gadgets that have a firm place in the backpacks of most of our team!

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GoPro Camera

The GoPro is our mind is one of the best travel camera out there – especially for people hitting the water. Sure it’s not the best when it comes to functionality but the fact it’s small, robust and totally waterproof (up to 60m which is more than enough for scuba diving or surfing) means we never travel without it! There’s a heap of amazing add ons too which allow you to capture pics and videos in places you’d never dreamed of!

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If we ever head off in a rush and forget headphones life on the road totally changes! It’s a simple addition to any bag but having access to music, your own headphones for movies on planes or simply to put them in to deter annoying people chatting to you when you want some alone time investing in a comfortable set is always a wise move.

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Nifty Mini Drive

Keeping a backup of your pics, documents or simply running out of space on your laptop is a huge pain in the ass. The Nifty Mini Drive slots into your Macbook SD slot (yeah sorry Apple only guys!) and provides up to 128GB of extra storage and can be synced as an auto backup using Time Machine. This means plenty of extra space for movies and photos!

Much smaller (it fits seamlessly into your laptop) than an external hard drive as well as being waterproof it’s a great solution for on the road.

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Where would we be without the iPhone hey!? Anything that combines products and therefore saves space is all good in our book – and cramming all your music, camera, internet, email and social media into one small package is ideal for anyone on the road. Whats more is you can fill it full of awesome travel apps to make life easier too – like currency convertors, budget help, Skype and heaps more.

…and of course you can book all our Epic Gap Year experience through it too!

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Lifeproof Case

If you’re kitting yourself out with an iPhone then we definitely suggest investing in a Lifeproof Case for it. It’s waterproof and shockproof, meaning your iPhone can join you anywhere on your travels – on the beach, snorkelling or trekking through the mountains!

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Oh the humble headtorch! It’s been a backpacker staple since backpacking began and it still stands the test of time today. Whether you’re experiencing power cuts in Asia or camping in the middle of nowhere having a good headtorch easily accessible in your bag is always a solid shout.

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Again, less gadget more seasoned favourite! Having a good padlock in tow will help secure all your essentials – whether you’re padlocking your rucksack zips together or simply using it with a hostel locker it’ll always come in handy.

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Extension Lead

This might seem like an odd addition to the list but trust us – it’ll be needed! You know how you spend lots of dollar on plug adaptors?! Well invest in one of those multi plug extension chords, that way you can charge multiple devices in a single go and only need one adaptor for the wall socket! A simple slice of genius that will also gain you some new friends on the road too!


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