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With a total land area of 7.6 million square kilometers and a lot of unique places to discover, a trip to Australia could be a bit intimidating. But Greyhound Australia comes to the rescue to save you from the hassle of stressing out and rushing on how to get from one place to another.

Greyhound Australia is the only national coach service which could get you to your destinations in comfort and style. It’s the easiest and most flexible way to travel around Australia – from Sydney to Cairns. It also provides opportunity to meet fellow backpackers to join in the fun!

Greyhound offers two type of passes to choose from:  ‘hop on, hop off’ passes between destinations (no backtracking allowed) and distance-based ‘KM’ passes.


‘Hop on, hop off’ Passes

This Greyhound passes allows you to jump off at any stop and hop back on when you are ready for your next destination – giving you more time to appreciate each places you stop by. They also follow set routes which includes the famous East Coast of Australia.

You can enjoy the ‘hop on, hop off’ passes even from the first day of your travel up until 3 months. You also have the option to upgrade it in 6 months and give yourself more freedom to go where you please.


Greyhound Bus Passes


Greyhound KM Passes

Short for kilometer, KM passes allows you to set your desired amount of kilometers ranging from 1,000 km to 25,000km. Greyhound KM passes, unlike the ‘hop on hop off’, is not limited to a set route. This passes make it the best option for a longer Australian trip or those working on a holiday visa.

Upon issuance of your KM pass, you will be able to easily manage your travel dates through their online portal. Checking bus timetables, booking your next trip or even changing your already planned ones is just a click away.

Aside from creating your own itinerary, you can also use your excess KMs as currency to buy accommodation, adventures, tours and experiences along the way. Greyhound is nothing but convenience


Greyhound WHIMit Bus Passes

If you prefer to travel with even more flexibility the Greyhound WHIMit Bus Pass (launched in 2018) is the most extensive and flexible bus pass in Australia. Based on time rather than distance or route you simply select how long you want it to be valid for (anything from 7 days to an entire year) and then enjoy unlimited travel on the entire Greyhound network for that length of time!

This means you can bounce around as much as you want, backtrack and it even covers trips all the way to the Red Centre!

Managed online you simply book whichever buses suit you, to wherever you want to go – and of course you have the option to prebook a whole section of your journey and change it up later if you plans change!

Ideal for spontaneous travellers still looking to save money on their Australia trip!


Greyhound Bus Main Stops

Melbourne – This city is overflowing with arts and music with lots of people enjoying galleries and music venues. The St. Kilda night market is a popular spot for collecting trinkets with its beach giving you a peaceful vibe away from the city’s busy life. It is also where Melbourne Cup (a one-day horse race), Melbourne Grand Prix and Australian Tennis Open are held.

Sydney – A visit to this iconic city would make any Aussie trip complete. It has a lot of activities to offer every kind of travelers. You could go seeing the local wildlife at the Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife Park and enjoy partying at the Rocks or Darling Harbour but you must not miss taking a selfie at the city’s landmark, the Sydney Opera House.

Byron Bay – If you want to see the Aussie beach lifestyle, you should pay a visit at the Byron Bay. This coastal town is located at the most easterly point of Oz. It has lots of surf breaks and beaches, with different kind of waves for every surfers. Locals also offer surf lessons and whale watching. The town has a wide range of accommodation and is full of alternative cultures and hippie markets. No Byron Bay trip is complete without showing off your dancing moves at Cheeky Monkeys!

Brisbane – Best when you’re only doing a short trip, Brisbane has all the glamour of a capital city. This major city on the east coast route is packed with museums and galleries and a whole lot of nightlife entertainment. Its proximity to some of Australia’s beach side towns.

Noosa – This up-market town boasts of different water sports for any surfers and beginners, alike to try on. Exploring the nature is also an option with its Noosa Everglades on the Gagaju Canoe Safari. Other natural parks offer some great walks and awesome barbecue spots.

Fraser Island – An island of tropical gems, Fraser boasts of mile-long open beaches and genetically pure wild dingoes. It is also the world’s largest sand island (sand dunes are the best here!) but nature balances it with tropical rain forest and freshwater lakes.

Airlie Beach – This beach town is a gateway to The Whitsunday Islands. Airlie has a man-made swimming area. This beach is a combination of a laid-back beach attitude and beach party vibes perfect for family get-away.

Mission Beach – Mission accomplished in a relaxing visit in this small town even before or after driving to Cairns. You can also rent a Mote and drive around this small island to let you enjoy your stay even more.

Cairns – It is the most of Aussie’s backpackers’ first and last trip destination, thanks to it all-day party vibe! It is also the gateway to the infamous Great Barrier Reef, so if you are planning to snorkel or scuba dive, Cairns is the place to be.


Campervan or Tours?

Since Australia has a vast ground to cover on, it also has a number of ways for travelers to see the country’s beauty. There are two main options for your dream Oz travel: campervan or bus. This two options have their own merits that suit certain travelers perfectly but also have their fair share of pros and cons.

When both offers convenience for your ultimate East Coast trip, campervan differs a lot in Greyhound buses.

Campervans let you travel independently whereas Greyhound buses gives you opportunity to meet new friends with fellow travellers.

Campervans also offer comfort but it won’t spare you from the cons of actual travelling compared to Greyhound buses with a definite seating capacity and definite set routes.

If you do love freedom from travelling to anywhere you please, both are a good choice. However, some places prohibit campervans due to security reasons.


The Cost of Campervan Hire vs Tours in Australia

Campervans Greyhound KM Passes Greyhound ‘Hop on, hop off’ Passes
Prices Spaceships Campervans – From $39 – $55 (approx.  £31.1 – £43.74)
Jucy Campervan – From $60 – $80 (approx. £47.72 – £63.63)
From $189.001,000 to 25,000 KM

(approx. £150.32)

From $99 – $535 – varies per destination

(approx. £78.74 – £425.52)

Duration Per day With up to 12 month to use all your KMs 3 or 6 months (it’s $30 to upgrade to 6 months)


Whichever way you choose to travel around Australia, the Greyhound bus fleet would give you more freedom, versatility, and convenience – all in a stylish manner. You won’t have to worry about getting lost and you can pick up new set of friends which is the very essence of travelling.


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