Experience Of The Month – Bali Surf Charter
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Since our team of travellers had hand selected and tested most of our gap year experience we all have our slight favourites!

Don’t get us wrong everything on the site is epic – that’s why they made it onto the site – but there are some that are our pet projects, experiences we really enjoyed ourselves and made sure we made them available for your guys to slot into your travelling adventures.

So every month we’re going to showcase a product and really give you the low down on why we love it and why it should make it onto your travel bucket list – focusing on 3 key points; the location, the experience and our personal highlight from it.

The first product that makes it onto the monthly showcase is one of Chris’ most anticipated bucket list items…


The Bali Surf Charter

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The Destination

surf charter boat indonesiaAs any surfer will tell you Indonesia is one of the top surf travel destinations – a network of islands bordered by reefs and pounded by solid ground swell…the perfect setup for a surf mecca. Bali is the hub on which you start and finish this experience and although it’s one of Indonesias most famous destinations it’s the spots you hit outside of Bali that make this trip memorable as it also explores the surf breaks of Lombok and Sumbawa.

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The Experience

I was really worried that I’d built up a surf charter in my head too much, that I had some crazy during ideal in my head and it would fail to deliver, luckily I couldn’t have been further from the truth!

surf charter boat indonesiaOver the course of the week we surfed amazing and empty breaks with only our travel buddies in the lineup, tackling reefs, beaches and points.

The joy of the boat is the fact you live, sleep and eat surf. You travel overnight between spots to make the most of your time in the water and you simply point the boat in the direction of the best spot on the swell and wind.

Jumping into the little tinny boat and being dropped off by the peak was a dream come true – straight out of a surf movie! At the end of the session you simply waved your board in the air and you’d be picked up in the channel, greeted with a chocolate bar and a cold drink and dropped back off on the boat – it was like being surf royalty!

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Personal Highlight

surf charter boat indonesiaIt’s hard to pull out a stand alone highlight as I genuinely had a week of epic surfing! Sat in the lineup surrounded by my newly found surf buddies, laughing and chatting as sets rolled in and the sunset over the palm trees of Lombok is a hard mental image to beat though – it really ticked all the boxes.

If you surf and you really want the ultimate in surf travel I can’t recommend our Bali Surf Charter Boat enough!

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