A Few Tips To Help You Pick The Right Hostel For You
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Travelling on a budget usually means one thing – hostel life! Over the last few years all our team have lived, worked and bounced between hostels all over the globe and it has been a marmite relationship – some we love, others we loathe!

So if you’re heading out into the backpacker bubble for the first time here are 5 things you should check out before checking into any hostel…


The Beds

This is a pretty obvious one! At the end of the day you’re paying for a nights sleep, not to party (well usually anyway!) so if you haven’t rebooked and you’ve just arrived ask to be shown around and lie on one of the beds to test it out!

Trust us you don’t want to try and get a refreshing nights sleep on a rock solid mattress or lumpy bed…it’s juts not worth it!


The Common Areas

One of the best things about backpacking is meeting heaps of fellow travellers – it keeps the travel stoked flowing! Hostels are also one of the best ways to meet a huge array of people and the hub for the social side of hostel life is the common area so when you’re picking a hostel make sure it has this nailed down!

Rooftops, bars, chill out areas – the cooler the better! The amount of crazy travel plans we’ve been thrown into after meeting people in hostel common areas is ridiculous and worth every moment!


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The Facilities

Although sleep and socialising are two huge points when picking your hostel facilities should also be something you keep tabs on too. Free wifi, breakfast, TV rooms, travel booking desks, beer on check in…the added extras are what make great hostels stand out from the base ones.


The Location

Doing some research on the areas you want to visit in a new city can have big effects on the hostel you choose. There’s no point picking a cheaper place if everything you want to see and do is on the other side of the city – you’ll rack up heaps of extra costs getting from place to place.

On the flip side though you want to be somewhere you can rest up rather than listening to bars pump out music until 4am so picking a good location is key!


The Cost

At the end of the day you’re travelling and every dollar counts! But this is where the big balance occurs – sure you can grab a $2 a night hostel and save heaps of money but the chances are it’s going to be cramped, basic and probably not the best experience in the world.

You’ll soon discover where your personal money v comfort scale lies – but to begin with it’s very trial and error…so good luck!


What are the key things you look for in a hostel – any awesome places you’d recommend?


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