Our Top 5 Countries For Backpacking Travel
top backpacking travel countries epic gap year

Over the years the Epic Gap Year Team and our blog ambassadors have bounced all over the globe and experienced heaps of countries, cultures and all round good times. One of the most difficult questions we all get asked though is “what’s your favourite country” – it’s such a tough one to answer and it changes on a monthly basis!

So we decided to take the pressure off a bit and narrow it down to our top 5 countries to travel around



If you’re new to the world of travelling then Oz is always a solid option. The lack of language issues and comforts of home combine with heaps of adventure activities and fellow backpackers to make this one of our favourite places to travel. Spots like Byron Bay and the Great Ocean Road are always high on the to do list, but no matter whether you want to learn to surf, scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef or simply skydive out of a plane Oz caters for every taste…plus a working holiday visa here is the perfect way to earn on the road.



free diving koh tao thailandIf you’re wanting to get a bit more of a culture shock and get stuck into Asia the Thailand is the perfect place to start. There’s enough exotic sights and smells to give the nomad in you a massive smile but it’s still nicely geared up for backpackers and there’s lots of fellow travellers to meet on the ground. Get your open water course done on Koh Tao, hike in the jungles up in Chang Mai or simply relax on “the beach” in Phi Phi – plus three’s heaps of incredible food to try…massaman curry is our personal favourite!



For those looking for a bit more Asian flare Cambodia is a place we highly recommend. It’s jam packed full of history, culture, heaps friendly locals and lots of islands paradises too. Koh Rong is a solid addition to every trip as are the temples of Angkor Wat. Oh and did we mention it’s insanely cheap to travel and live there?!



If you’re heading to South America Peru is an incredible spot to bounce around and explore. Head to Cusco and hike the world famous Inca Trail to Machu Pichu, sip Pisco with the locals, enjoy a home stay on Lake Titicaca or head to Mancora for some heaps good surfing! It’ll be a packed itinerary!

If you’re looking to make the most of your time there why not check out our Learn Spanish in Ecuador experiences and brush up on your local lingo before dropping south and over the border?


South Africa

cape town intro package south africa gap year muizenberg epic gap year (5 of 14)Some of our team have just got back from our 10 Week South Africa Surf Adventure and loved it out there. In fact they’re already planning their return! Whether you choose to kick back and enjoy Cape Town for a couple of weeks, sink into the blue cage diving with Great Whites or join a safari in Kruger National Park this beautiful country will keep you busy for a long while – and contrary to what we were expecting when we flew out there it won’t break your budget either!


Well those are our top 5 – what countries would you pick?


December 27, 2014
Great pick of countries, we have been to them all. My top 5 for backpackers would be: Thailand, Vietnam, Guatemala, Belize, and Colombia!
Epic Gap Year
March 2, 2015
Nice list Hannah - you hitting any of them this year?

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