4-8 Weeks

A large majority of people who head out to explore the world have “learn to surf” somewhere on their bucket lists and Australia is one of the best places to get this item ticked off your list!

Our 4 and 8 week surf academy experiences in Australia will take you to a solid intermediate surf level, capable of tackling green waves, head high surf and being confident when paddling out back with the board short wearing locals!

Suitable for those with little or no surf experience this is the perfect way to get stuck into an amazing lifestyle, kick back at the beach and enjoy some serious beach time on the Australian coastline.

If you’ve had a few lessons and want the guidance and knowledge to push yourself to the next level you’re in good hands.

If you have no surf experience and just want to get started thats no worries either! The only thing you need to be able to do to get started is swim 50m unassisted.

Our surf team will teach you all you need to know, from learning how to ‘pop’ and how to negotiate a rip current, right through to riding unbroken waves and duck diving.

“The last 2 months I’ve totally lived the Australian dream; surf, breakfast, surf, lunch, surf, party, sleep…Repeat!”
Josh, UK

The balance of theory and practical lessons will not only make you a well rounded surfer but you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to negotiate the surf safely, recognise dangers, improve your personal fitness and, most importantly, catch heaps of waves.

With all equipment, meals and accommodation included, it’s a great way to get stuck into a sport which will quickly become not just a passion but a way of life.

Your weekend will be free to explore the local area, free surf with your new found buddies and really get to grips with the Aussie way of life…BBQs, boardies and beer!

The 8 week surf academy obviously takes it a step further, building on your new found surf skills and really challenging yourself, all under the watchful eye of your instructors who will always be on hand to help you out.

You will be coached on more advanced techniques like turning on green waves as well as pushing yourself to bigger and faster waves across a variety of surf breaks, all of which will result in more confidence, paddle power and, of course, fun!

Whether you choose the 4 or 8 week surf academy you’ll head up the coast from Sydney to the famous Spot X Surf Camp – which will be your surrogate surf home throughout you surf experience! 

The camp is situated a mere stones throw from the beach so you’ll wake up to the sound of waves crashing on the beach – the perfect location for your newly found surf lifestyle. Kitted out with comfortable dorms, hammocks, sound system, cooking facilities, internet access and even a beach volleyball court you’ll find everything you need to kick back and enjoy your stay.

It’s the perfect stepping stone to becoming a confident, competent surfer – setting you up to enjoy waves all around the world.

Additional information

Course Options4 Weeks, 8 Weeks
Start FromSydney, Byron Bay, Brisbane

Day 1-5

Head to Spot X with the 5 Day Great Aussie Guided Group Adventure. Instead of leaving Spot X on day 5, you will stay and start your Academy program.


Day 6 Onwards

During your time at our camp you will be totally focused on improving your technical skills, ocean experience, ocean awareness, fitness, and living the life of a surfer. We’ll challenge and coach you through various levels of your development and get you well on your way to becoming a surfer.  You will have weekends off from lessons, fitness and theory sessions to surf when you want, relax at the camp or explore the surroundings.

On your last day head to either Sydney, Byron Bay or Brisbane.

18 years and over with good swimming skills


Ability to catch and ride an unbroken waves

Increased surf skills
Ocean Fitness

1 Month:
This is a one month course facilitating the development of the following skills:
Practical Development of beginner surf skills
Ability to stand and ride an unbroken wave
Surf safety knowledge
Surf equipment knowledge and application
Level 2 instructors to guide you

2 Month:

This is a two month course facilitating the development of the following skills:
-Practical Development of beginner to intermediate surf skills
-Perform a bottom and top turn on unbroken waves up to 1 metre
-Demonsrate ability to ride right and left breaking waves
-Surf safety knowledge
-Surf equipment knowledge and application
-Level 2 instructors to guide you


  • 30 or 60 nights dorm style accommodation
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily while at the camp
  • Mojosurf 5 Day Greaty Aussie Surf Adventure trip
  • Monday – Friday surf lessons, theory and fitness sessions
  • All equipment
  • Weekends off a week to explore the surrounding surf locations

MEET YOUR MOJO GUIDE: Mondays at 6:45am at Bus Bays 8-10, Eddy Avenue, Central Station, Sydney

OR if wanting to travel southbound:

Departs Byron Bay: Mondays at 10:45am (11:45am during daylight savings) from Byron Bay Bus Stop, Jonson Street, Byron Bay.

Departs Brisbane: Mondays at 8am from Bus Stop 125, Roma Street Station, Ground Floor, outside, opposite QLD Police Headquarters.

Open date tickets please give at least 7 days notice to book. All bookings MUST reconfirm 48hrs in advance. Ph: 1800 113 044 or 02 6639 5100 or from outside AU: +61 2 6639 5100. Office summer opening hours are Mon-Fri: 7am-7pm, Sat & Sun: 9:30am-5.30pm AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time).

If cancellation occurs within 30 days from departure, 25% of payment will be retained by Mojosurf.  Full amount will not be refunded if cancelled within 14 days.  Mojosurf recommends that all persons take out personal travel insurance as Mojosurf are not responsible for injuries, loss or damage of equipment or bad breath.  All surfing participants must be able to swim 50 metres unassisted.

Please note that transport can vary between buses and trains.

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