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If you’re like most of the team here at Epic Gap Year, you love the ocean and more importantly you love Surfing.

If you’ve had a few Surf lessons and are already hooked or you really want to throw yourself into a life of beaches, sun and waves, our extended Learn To Surf programme will be right up your street.

How do we know you will love it? Well our team designed the entire programme!

Based in the South American surf Mecca of Montanita, this 6 week Surf progression course really allows you to get to grips with a sport that will not only be a hobby, it will become a complete lifestyle.

Over 6 weeks, you’ll go right from the basics of ocean safety, stance and board design through to being able to confidently paddle out back, catch unbroken waves and perform turns. Simply put, this should be the last lesson you’ll ever need (unless of course you wish to go even further and become a surf instructor!).

This well rounded programme also packages in yoga (perfect for core fitness and balance), gym membership (including a personalised fitness programme) and information on nutrition and meal plans, after all, Surfing is a highly energetic sport and without the right fuel in your system you won’t be able to make the most of the waves. You will also be well on your way to crafting that perfect beach body, tanned and toned is the aim of the game!

Not only that, but the first few weeks also include Spanish lessons, with a high focus on survival Spanish and also Surf Spanish, helping you make the most of your time in South America and being able to converse with the local surfers!

You will spend your time in Montanita living in the Montanita Cabanas, dubbed an oasis in paradise, where you’ll meet travellers from all around the world who share your passion for the beach and Surf lifestyle.

Montanita itself is a picturesque surfer town in the South of Ecuador where warm water (boardshorts and bikinis all the way!), perfect waves and empty beaches fill your days and salsa dancing, cocktails and a lively Latino spirit fill the nights.

It’s the perfect balance of relaxation and culture in our opinion!

By the time you finish off your 6 week Surf course, you will be confident and safe in the water, with all the surf and language skills needed to continue on an amazing Surf trip around South America or bouncing to new continents, countries and breaks.

Wherever you head next, we can guarantee you’ll have an amazing time and you’ll embrace everything being a Surfer entails… You’ll be a beach bum for life!


PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately our Ecuador Surf Programme is on hold for 2017 – but check out out our Australia Surf Academy or South Africa Surf Adventures instead!


Week 1

Week 1 takes you right back to the basics. In this week you’ll go through your pop, stance, equipment and ocean basics right from the beginning again. The idea behind this is to build a solid foundation, to iron-out any bad habits you may have picked up and to refresh your memory if you’ve been out of the water for a while.

Lessons – 5 x 2 hours


Week 2

Week 2 is where we begin to push you further, aiming to get you out back and begin the learning curve of green wave selection. For many, this is the hardest learning curve of Surfing, patience, practice and determination are essential to push through your personal boundaries and really get to grips with life in the ocean. We will begin the basics of turning frontside and backside allowing you to access parts of the wave you’ll need to progress even further.

Lessons – 5 x 2 hours


Week 3

Week 3 is where the course really kicks into gear, with 2 weeks of training behind you, we up the hours you spend in the ocean which ultimately leads to more practice, more muscle memory and heaps more fun!

Wave selection is a big part of this week and you will learn more about ocean safety, becoming aware of rip currents, natural obstacles and how you can utilise them to safely navigate your way into the lineup. This week also sees the introduction of more video coaching to really help make you aware of what you’re doing wrong, or hopefully right!

Lessons – 10 x 2 hours


Week 4

Week 4 continues to build on the more advanced aspects of Week 3, with water time and practice being the aim of the game. We will really be pushing you to paddle harder, catch more waves and help break through your comfort zone to explore bigger waves, better turns and new locations.

We’ll also be testing your knowledge of the programme with a few fun exams aimed to highlight the areas you need to concentrate on and really engage the self help within the group.

Ww will be chatting more about equipment selection and other locations for you to surf around the world and in South America, preparing you for life as a surfer on the road!

At this point you should have no worries paddling out back, catching green waves and performing a good level of bottom turns and re-entries.

Lessons – 10 x 2 hours


Week 5

Now you have the knowledge, the paddle power and the confidence, it becomes more of about self-awareness in the Surf. You’re instructors will always be on hand for fine tuning your technique but the emphasis is now on your own personal self improvement and pushing your own limits.

Surfing as a group, you’ll be encouraged to push each other (within reason!) and also evaluate and learn from your fellow students.

This feedback teaches you to be more aware of waves, stance and the ocean, something you’ll need throughout your Surfing lifestyle.

Lessons/Guiding – 10 x 2 hours


Week 6

With 5 weeks of training behind you, week 6 is all about kicking back and embracing all the aspects of surf, sun and fun! This week your instructors are more surf guides than coaches, giving you the chance to experience new breaks and generally finding you the best conditions to practice and have fun.

Of course, they will always be happy to answer your questions and will be joining you in the water, but week 6 is slightly more laid back, allowing you the freedom to experience the ocean and Montanita at your own pace.

Lessons/Guiding – 10 x 2 hours


  • Professional designed progressive Surf course
  • Improve fitness, diet and Surf skills
  • Surf a variety of breaks
  • Get to grips with the local lingo


  • Training from Fully accredited Surf coaches
  • Both in and out of water training
  • Gain a new level of Surf knowledge and fitness
  • Also includes yoga, Spanish, gym membership and accommodation


  • Professionally developed curriculum
  • Transport to the Surf
  • 9 x Yoga Lessons
  • All equipment
  • 20 hours of Private Spanish lessons
  • Gym membership
  • Nutrition/Meal plan info pack
  • Accommodation throughout (shared dorm)
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