2 Days – 4 Weeks

If you love the ocean and love a good challenge then there is no better solution in the world than to try Freediving.

This newly emerging sport is the ultimate waterman hobby, it combines the most purist form of exploring the ocean with an exceptional and amazing personal challenge.

“In just a few days I went from a complete beginner to nearly 30 metres underwater, something I never thought I’d be able to achieve”
Vovo, Germany

At first, many people think Freediving is crazy and dangerous. In fact, our team thought much the same before we gave it a go. What we discovered though is that this sport is anything but, it has solid science behind it and, to a large extent, when practiced properly is actually an incredibly safe thing to do.

You will soon discover it’s less of a physical sport (if you’re in good shape your body is already more than capable of hitting depths of up to 30 metres with very little training) but it’s more of a mental challenge. A journey of self discovery, where you learn to face your fears, accept the things around you that cannot be changed and move forward with a feeling of calm and adventure.

That’s what our Freediving courses on Gili T offer. A safe, structured environment, surrounded by people who can easily hold their breathes for up to 7minutes, descend over 50 metres into the depths of the ocean and who are some of the most calm and collected people you’ll ever meet.

Our Gili T team are under the watchful eye of UK Freedive record holder, Michael Board, who broke the 100 metre mark in late 2013.

However far you want to progress, be it complete novice or to further your free dive education, we have you covered.

Our free diving courses on Gili T combine a mixture of pool, classroom and open water training. Covering everything from the morning yoga routine, science behind the sport and a series of lung and muscle stretches through to static apnea. Then put it all to the test in the open water where you’ll be surrounded by like minded people who feel totally at home in the big blue.

Situated on the island of Gili T, off the coast of Bali, this quaint spot in Indoesia boasts warm water year round, exceptional visibility and a variety of spots. Perfect to practice your depth training and also fun dives around some of the awesome dive sites that encompass the island itself.

You will wander barefoot around an island with no traffic, enjoy the beautiful beaches and laid back, reggae-filled nightlife whilst training in some of the best Freedive facilities in the world.

We promise you that Freediving will quickly become an obsession as you strive to get a deeper and longer bottom time, which will ultimately result in you being more comfortable in the water and with a new level of calm.

Additional information

Course OptionsLevel 1, Level 2, Level 3, Master Freediver
  • Free Diver Level 1 – get stuck into the world of Freediving with no need for any previous experience. Utilizing the classroom, pool and ocean, you’ll gain the skills needed to comfortably breath hold, equalise and dive up to 20 metres underwater
  • Free Diver Level 2 – If 20 metres isn’t enough for you or you want to build a better understanding of the sport and variety of techniques and skills, the Level 2 course will get you there. Dive up to 30 metres and learn the skills needed for thoracic stretches, allowing a more flexible chest and more comfortable, longer breath holds.
  • Free Diver Level 3 – If you’re hooked on the challenge, Level 3 takes yet another step up, allowing you to head down to 40 metres. Advanced techniques of inhale and exhale will build upon your existing Freediving skills and push your limits even more.
  • Master Freediver (also includes Level 3) – If you’ve got this on the brain, Freediving is your ultimate sport of choice and you want in bad! For Advanced Freedivers only (level 2 and above) this takes the step towards professional Freediving, giving you the skills needed to assist other divers. Not only that but it will add to your existing training, with even more advanced techniques, covering breathing, relaxation and lung stretches.


  • Learn to comfortably and safely perform longer breath holds
  • Understand the science behind the sport
  • Enjoy the warm, tropical waters of Indonesia


  • Classes from world class freedivers
  • Globally recognised SSI qualification
  • Opportunity to build on your existing skills and advance a level…or two…or three!
  • Mixture of all Freediving disciplines


  • Fully qualified SSI Instructor
  • All equipment
  • Course materials
  • Full SSI qualification
  • Freediver Level 1 – 2 days
  • Freediver Level 2 – 3 days
  • Freediver Level 3 – 4 days*
  • Master Freediver (inc Level 3) – 4 weeks*

*Level 3 and Master Freediver also require a first aid/CPR certification which IS NOT INCLUDED, you can gain this prior to arrival or through a 1 day course on Gili T at an additional cost.

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