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A big trip around Australia can be a daunting trip to start planning — it’s a pretty big place. In fact, you could fit the whole of Europe inside it!

But Australia is an incredible country to explore. There are so many unique places to find an adventure, and it always comes highly recommended by all of the Epic Gap Year team.

So if you’re looking for the easiest and most flexible way to travel around Australia then look no further than the Greyhound WHIMit Bus Pass!

Unlike the Greyhound Hop On, Hop Off Bus Passes the WHIMit pass offers unlimited travel across the ENTIRE Greyhound Bus network – which also includes the Red Centre!

Yup – totally unlimited travel! Which means your can backtrack on your route or fly to a totally different part of Australia and still continue using the same pass. The only restriction on your travel is the time that your pass is valid from – and with options from 7 days to a full year there’s something to suit every Australia travel itinerary

“Such an easy and flexible way to travel around Oz!”
Charlie, UK

So, if on a whim — whilst you’re sipping coffee in Melbourne after arriving from Sydney — you decide that you’d rather be surfing in Byron, you can grab a flight to Brisbane and drop down the coast, all on the same pass!

This makes it the ideal option for anyone heading out to Australia for a longer period of time or those on a working holiday visa — for both flexibility and convenience.

Combine that with the awesome Custom East Coast Australia Packages from our buddies at RTW Backpackers and you’ve got the perfect combination for your dream Australia trip!

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Additional information

Pass Options7 Days, 21 Days, 45 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days, 120 Days, 365 Days

Melbourne – This cosmopolitan city boasts a flourishing arts and music scene, packed full of galleries, live music venues and alternative culture. The St Kilda night market is a great place to spend an evening collecting trinkets, and the beach provides a great escape from city life.  If sports are your scene, make sure you pencil in the Melbourne Cup — a one day horse race extravaganza that brings the whole nation to a stand still! Other sporting highlights include Melbourne Grand Prix and The Australian Tennis Open — and if you cant get tickets there’s big screen viewing in Federation Square.

Canberra – Australia’s often-overlooked capital, Canberra is a purpose built city. Trips to the lookout points are the best way to take in its circular layout. The main things to visit are the Australian War Museum, which can easily fill a day or two, and Parliament Building, the centre of Australian politics.

Sydney – No trip to Oz is complete without a visit to the iconic city of Sydney. As with every major city, it’s jam-packed full of things to do and see. Take a ferry to Manly, get face to face with the local wildlife at the Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife Park, party in Kings Cross or sip cocktails at The Rocks or Darling Harbour. It goes without saying that you’ll need a camera in tow to get your holiday pics at the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, and to snap Sydney from a bird’s eye view at the Sky Tower.

Byron Bay – If you want a town that epitomises the Aussie beach lifestyle, Byron is it. This bustling coastal town is situated on the most easterly point of Oz and is bordered by heaps of surf breaks and beaches — from the iconic Pass through to Broken Heads, Main Beach and The Wreck. The town itself is full of alternative cultures, hippie markets and a wide range of accommodation — and no visit is complete without dancing on the tables at Cheeky Monkeys!

Activities include everything from whale watching, diving Julian Rocks, surf lessons, fishing and even day tours to the hippie Mecca of nearby Nimbin — the unofficial Amsterdam of Oz!

Surfers Paradise – Often referred to as the Miami of Australia, Surfers combines all the lures of a skyscraper city with the added appeal of being a mere stone’s throw from miles of sandy beaches. A great place to stop off between Brisbane and Byron to let your hair down!

Brisbane – One of the major cities on the east coast route — and a great place to fly into if you’re only doing a short trip — Brisbane has all the capital city appeal and is packed with museums, galleries and heaps of nightlife. It even comes with a man-made beach! The main appeal for residents is its proximity to some of Australia’s best beach side towns, so it’s a great place to base yourself on a working holiday visa.

Noosa – Noosa is a bustling, up-market town that offers a lot in the way of water sports — try your hand at stand up paddle boarding, learn to surf or go all out and explore the Noosa Everglades on the Gagaju Canoe Safari. The national parks that surround it offer some great walks and BBQ spots against the beautiful backdrop of Tea Tree Point. Time your trip well and you can immerse yourself in the abundant surf culture during the Noosa Longboard Pro, which attracts surfers from all corners of the world.

Fraser Island – When it comes to discovering unique experiences, Fraser is not to be missed! The largest sand island in the world boasts miles of open beaches, the world’s most genetically pure wild dingoes, tropical rain forests and freshwater lakes — all accessible on 4×4 guided tours. Yup, bomb around the island in your own off-roader! Highlights include Indian Head Lookout, the beautiful Lake Mackenzie and camping out on the sand dunes under a blanket of stars.

Airlie Beach (The Whitsunday Islands) – Airlie balances the laid-back attitude of a beach-side town with party vibes, as it is the stop-off before and after a fun few days sailing the Whitsundays.

Mission Beach –  A great weekend trip to relax either pre or post Cairns. You can even hire a Mote to drive around the island a bit more!

Cairns – Cairns is the party town of the east coast, where most backpackers start or finish their trip. The general order of the day is: laze around the town’s lagoon pool during sunlight hours and party away the night in the infamous bars — The Woolshed and Gilligan’s being the main venues. It’s also the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, so if you’re looking to snorkel, SCUBA or go all out with a PADI course, Cairns is the place to do it.

For those looking to explore a bit more, why not spend a day at the Crystal Cascades waterfalls, or hire a car and drive through the tropical landscape of the Atherton Tablelands. If you have a bit more time on your hands, do an overnight trip to Cape Tribulation, where the two world heritage sites of the rainforest and reef come together over a bed of golden sands.

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What is WHIMit?

WHIMit is a simple travel pass that is measured by days.
We have removed the restrictions around destination city pairs and distance (KM’s) and based travel solely on a number of days. Travellers can use their pass on the Greyhound network anywhere around Australia for as long as their time allows, in any direction, on any route.

How does it work?

Once purchased, travellers have 12 months to start travel, and then when their first date is booked they have the number of days purchased to finish all travel.
Is it consecutive days?

Yes, to make it super simple WHIMit is consecutive travel days.

What determines a day?

A day is considered from midnight (00:00 hours) to 11:59pm (23:59hours).

What about overnight services, can an overnight service be travelled on the last day?

Travellers who start their trip on the very last day of their WHIMit, will be able to complete their trip even if it ends on the day after the WHIMit has expired.

How does WHIMit compare to the Hop On Hop Off Pass? WHIMit offers total freedom to travel anywhere on Greyhound Australia’s coach network. No need to know where you are travelling, WHIMit is the ultimate travel pass. Multiple day ranges available to suit all budgets and travel needs.

How do I book my sectors on Greyhound WHIMit Bus passes? 

It is really easy, upon booking you will receive a Booking Number and a Pin Code.

You will then need to go to Greyhound Website, Go to Manage my Booking and then enter your booking number and pin code and then add your sectors and save booking!

What do I need to show when boarding the Greyhound bus?

You will need a copy of your Greyhound Bus pass and your passport ID.

Do I need to book the bus in advance or can I just show up? 

You 100% need to book in advance, you cannot hop on the Greyhound bus unless you have booked onto the bus.


  • 1. First day of travel must commence within 12 months from the date pass was purchased
  • 2. A day is considered to be between the hours of 00:00am – 23:59pm
  • 3. All passes are non-transferable to another person
  • 4. Once travel has commenced the pass is non-refundable
  • 5. All Passes are available for travel on any of Greyhound Australia’s scheduled timetabled services
  • 6. Full Terms & Conditions apply – Please see terms and conditions tab in this product
  • 7. All prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice


The Conditions of the agreement between Greyhound Australia Pty Ltd (Greyhound) or any of its partners and subsidiaries and the passenger and purchaser of this ticket are set out below.


Bookings must be made in advance otherwise seats may not be available. If the booking has not been paid and ticketed within 24 hours of scheduled departure, Greyhound Australia may cancel the booking. Passengers with ticketed bookings may change their travel itinerary or ‘open date’ their ticket up to the scheduled service departure time.


All fares (express and pass) are subject to change without prior notice.


Passengers are advised to be at departure point at least 20 minutes before the departure time.


Baggage includes all items which accompany a passenger whilst aboard a Greyhound vehicle, either within the baggage storage bins or carried on board by the passenger. The total amount of baggage entitlement per person is two pieces (excluding carry-on baggage). The passenger must pay $10 for each additional piece of baggage up to a maximum of three items. Anyone wishing to carry more than 5 items should be referred to the Freight Department and relevant fees will apply. No items are to be more than 20kg or 2m in any dimension. For all Coach Travel Pass holders, excess luggage will be charged at a rate of 10% of the Travel Pass Value. This will remain valid for the duration of the Pass.

If accompanied by a travelling passenger the following items will be charged as outlined below regardless of how much luggage is checked in;

  • Surfboard – $15 (up to 2m length & packed in damage absorbent material)
  • Pushbike Assembled – $49
  • Pushbike Disassembled – $25
  • Pushbike (Boxed) – $25
  • Non standard items of baggage may be charged at rates determined by Greyhound at its own discretion.

Items that are considered to be ‘standard’ baggage include (but are not limited to):

  • Boogie Board
  • Skis
  • Snow Board
  • Golf Clubs/Bag
  • Golf Buggy (separate from Bag)

Prams and Wheel Chairs will be carried Free of Charge regardless of how much luggage is checked in.

The above fees are to be charged for the entire journey not for each sector. Surfboards, surf-skis and sailboards must be packed well in damage absorbent material and will have a maximum length of 2 metres; any items greater than this will not be transported. Disassembled pushbikes must have the front wheel off and taped to the frame, pedals removed, chain removed or covered. No items over 2m in any dimension or 20kgs will be carried.

All baggage, including carry on baggage, is the sole responsibility of the passenger as Greyhound Australia accepts no responsibility, and shall not be liable, for theft, loss or damage to any passenger’s baggage, whilst in a Greyhound terminal, on a Greyhound vehicle, in transit or otherwise in Greyhound Australia’s possession or control, whether caused by Greyhound Australia’s negligence, recklessness, wilful misconduct or otherwise. Passengers are advised to remove all carry-on baggage while disembarking at meal, rest and other stops. Carry-on baggage is any item carried aboard a coach by a passenger and includes, but is not limited to, hand bags, clothing, books, magazines, electrical equipment and components, cash, credit cards, art work, passports, jewellery, antiques and valuable items.

Any baggage that is left aboard a Greyhound vehicle or in a Greyhound terminal will be carried to a central point and stored at the owner’s risk for no more than 3 months. An administration fee of $25 will apply for the return of lost baggage and any freight expenses incurred in the return of lost baggage will be incurred at the owner’s expense.


Greyhound Australia will endeavour to provide access to WiFi and USB Charging on specified services. The speed and reliability of WiFi and USB Charging depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • the capability of devices connecting to WiFi and USB Charging;
  • the availability of the telecommunications network providing WiFi;
  • the physical location of the coach;
  • the level of usage of WiFi and USB Charging on each coach;
  • signal interference and general internet congestion.

Greyhound Australia does not guarantee that access to WiFi and USB Charging will be continuous, fault-free, secure or accessible at all times and will not be liable to provide partial or full refunds due to unavailability of WiFi and USB Charging.


Smoking is not permitted aboard Greyhound coaches or in Greyhound Terminals at any time.


Greyhound Australia reserves the right to refuse travel to passengers who do not comply with a minimum of dress standards which includes a shirt, shorts/trousers/skirt and footwear.


Passengers must be sufficiently washed and clean prior to boarding the coach. Any passenger with an odour that, in the reasonable opinion of Greyhound Australia, is objectionable to other passengers or staff may be asked to bathe themselves prior to boarding and/or may be required to travel on another service. If this change incurs a fee, it will be borne by the passenger.


Greyhound Australia can refuse to carry, or remove from a service, a passenger who, in the reasonable opinion of Greyhound Australia, is intoxicated by drugs and/or alcohol and who may, or may not, pose a potential threat to themselves, others or property. Any and all additional costs incurred as a result of the refusal to serve, or the removal from the service, will be borne solely by the passenger and that sector of travel on the passenger booking will be deemed to have been travelled.


Violence, disorderly conduct and aggression will not be tolerated. A person may be asked to leave or refused entry on to coach prior to reaching their destination. If person/s are, in the opinion of staff member/s, violent, disorderly or aggressive towards the coach captain, staff members or fellow passengers, the company reserves the right to refuse travel or to remove a passenger from the service. Such refusal or removal may be enforced for a specified or indefinite period of time, at Greyhound Australia’s discretion. Any and all costs incurred as a result of a refusal to serve, or removal from a service, will be borne solely by the Passenger and that sector of travel on the passenger booking will be deemed to have been travelled.


It is the passenger’s responsibility to disclose to Greyhound Australia any physical or mental condition that may hinder access to, from or while on our coach. Every passenger must be able to board, disembark and move around the coach unaided or with minimal assistance from the Coach Captain. Any passenger who cannot do this unaided must be accompanied by a Personal Assistant/Carer for the duration of the journey. Coach Captains will offer minor assistance for a passenger where required, provided that in doing so they do not bear the majority of the passenger’s weight and do not put themselves at risk of injury. Passengers must also be willing and able to comply with time restrictions and regulations at meal and other stops. A Frequently Asked Questions document for passengers travelling with mobility aids can be downloaded from our website or by contacting Greyhound Australia on 1300 GREYHOUND (1300 473 946).


For passengers with a disability who require an Assistance Dog to travel with them, a certified Assistance Dog can travel with them for free when in the company of the passenger. It is the passenger’s responsibility to disclose to Greyhound Australia if they will have an Assistance Dog travelling with them. Subject to availability, an extra seat will be allocated for the Assistance Dog. If two seats together are not available, the passenger may need to choose another service that has sufficient seats available. The same rights and responsibilities are extended to trainers of Assistance Dogs when the Assistance Dog accompanies them and is in training. A Special Assistance and Needs document for passengers travelling with an Assistance Dog can be downloaded from our website or by contacting Greyhound Australia on 1300 GREYHOUND (1300 473 946).


Greyhound Services maybe cancelled at any time due to unforeseen Operational Circumstances and/or as a result of natural disasters, Eg cyclones, flooding, operational requirements etc. Greyhound Australia cannot be responsible for any costs incurred by passengers as a result of cancelled services. Any/All costs incurred by passengers as a result of cancellations will be borne solely by the Passenger. Affected sectors of passenger bookings will be made open dated for future use and remain valid until used or for 6 months from the date of first purchase, whichever is sooner.


Greyhound Australia does not offer refunds if the passenger:

  1. Fails to board a coach they have booked travel on, or
  2. Is removed from the service for violent or aggressive behavior or for breaching the standards of behavior expected of our passengers, or
  3. Has been refused Travel, which is at the discretion of the company, or
  4. The service cannot operate due to circumstances beyond Greyhound’s control for example Natural Disasters; ie. floods, cyclones, bush fires etc


In addition; no refund is available if the pass;

  • has expired, or
  • travel has already commenced (ie: the 1st sector of travel has been used on the Pass). Validity Days commences from the 1st date of travel. Sectors of travel are deemed to be ‘used’ per the same rules as Express bookings above.
  • the personal details on the Pass do NOT match the person requesting the Refund.

Cancellation Fee: Eligible refunds will incur a $100 cancellation fee.


Cancellation Fee :

  • For Passes purchased, with no travel dates booked, $100 cancellation fee applies
  • Once a travel date has been entered for bus travel or included tours, No refund applies


Greyhound Adventure Tours, Experiences & Accommodation:

  • Bookings may be changed for another day of travel if arranged directly with the Supplier
  • Bookings cancelled more than 7 days prior to travel date – 50% fee
  • Bookings cancelled less than 7 days prior to travel date – 100% fee (No refund)
  • Bookings failed to load or not notified the supplier of a date change – 100% fee (No refund)
  • Refunds will be processed back to the passenger in the same manner the booking was made
  • Bookings that are changed and subsequently cancelled will incur 100% cancellation fee and no refund will be provided


  1. An infant is a child under the age of 3 years.
  2. An Infant must be accompanied by a Guardian. The guardian must be 18 years of age or older, unless they are a parent of the infant.
  3. 1 Guardian accompanying 1 Infant must purchase an additional seat at 50% of the Adult Fare
  4. 1 Guardian can accompany a maximum of 2 Infants. 2nd Infant will be charged 50% of the Adult Fare, and the first infant will travel for free
  5. Up to 2 Infants can be nursed free of charge if travelling with 2 Fare paying Passengers seated together.



These Terms apply:-

  • To journeys designated as express services on the ticket and include those terms to which special attention is drawn on the ticket.
  • Where the services are designated as a pass or a package, these terms apply to services provided directly by Greyhound Australia as the operator;
  • In all other cases the conditions include, in addition, those set out on the Greyhound Australia brochure for that Product
  1. Greyhound Australia is not a common carrier and reserves the right to refuse to agree to deal with any person or to carry any luggage or goods without giving any reason.
  2. Coupons/Vouchers must be given up to Greyhound Australia as required to enable the holder to enter or remain on the coach operating on the relevant service.
  3. Greyhound Australia may refuse to allow any person to enter or remain on the coach if, in the opinion of Greyhound Australia the Passenger is in breach of any of the Terms and Conditions and/or there is a risk that such passenger or such passenger’s luggage may cause disturbance, or may cause distress or discomfort to any other passenger or the driver, or interfere in any way with the safety of the passengers, the Driver, or the coach, or if by reason of the age of the person, it may be undesirable to carry that person otherwise than under the care or supervision of an adult or for any other reason whatsoever.
  4. Greyhound Australia will not be bound by any additional oral or written terms whether purporting to be part of this agreement or collateral to it.
  5. Greyhound Australia will endeavour to adhere to stated departure and arrival times but does not promise to adhere to and will not be liable for any failure to meet those times. The passenger must be ready to board the transporting vehicle at least 20 minutes before the advertised departure time and no refund will be allowed if this condition is not complied with.
  6. If Greyhound Australia is responsible for service delays of two hours or more due to circumstances of our own control eg. breakdowns, flat tyres, accidents, we will offer you a complimentary ticket to the same value of the ticket purchased for the affected journey only.
  7. Greyhound Australia may substitute any other vehicle for its own vehicle and/or tranship passengers and/or their luggage and these terms shall continue to apply to carriage by such substituted vehicle or transhipment.
  8. Greyhound Australia shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or consequential upon, directly or indirectly, any abandonment of, delay in departure or delay during any trip howsoever caused.
  9. Where another operator undertakes any section of any journey it is agreed and understood that Greyhound Australia is acting only as agent for the passenger to arrange such services and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any act or default of that operator.
  10. In the event of any increase in Greyhound Australia standard charges for any journey covered by this ticket or the costs involved are above those anticipated at the time of issue of this ticket Greyhound Australia may increase the total price of the ticket and the passenger named in this ticket and the purchaser of this ticket shall be liable to Greyhound Australia jointly and severally for such increase.
  11. Notwithstanding the time of departure stated in this ticket, Greyhound Australia may alter its timetables including those applicable to the services provided for in this ticket without notice.
  12. This ticket entitles the person named on it to occupy one seat on the designated Greyhound Australia coach while that coach travels between the destinations stated in the ticket, but Greyhound Australia does not promise to carry the passenger between those destinations or that the coach will depart at the time stated on the ticket or in its timetables.
  13. The passenger will comply at all times with the instructions of Greyhound Australia.
  14. All personal effects (including but not limited to; MP3 Player, CD Discman, Ipods, Cameras, Sunglasses), luggage or other goods are carried by passengers at own risk.
  15. The purchaser of the ticket and the person named in it warrants that any personal effects, luggage or other goods taken or placed on the coach will not, either directly or indirectly, cause any loss or damage to Greyhound Australia or any other passenger or to any personal effects, luggage or other goods on the coach.
  16. Passengers exiting the coach for a meal or refreshment break are required to return before the scheduled departure time. A passenger that fails to board the coach by the scheduled departure time will forfeit the remainder of the ticket and will be responsible for all costs incurred by the passenger as a result.
  17. The Passenger, his luggage and goods are carried entirely at his own risk. Greyhound Australia will not be liable to the passenger or to the person who purchased the ticket for the death, sickness of or any other injury to any Passenger or for any other loss or damage suffered by the passenger whether personal or consequential or otherwise, and although Greyhound Australia may, or may not permit passengers to, bring or place personal effects, luggage or other goods on the coach, Greyhound Australia will not be liable for the loss or theft of or any damage to any personal effects, luggage or other goods referred to in clause 14, and whether or not such consent in writing has been obtained, and in either case whether or not such loss or damage is suffered, or is caused by anything occurring before, after, or in the course of any journey, and whether caused by Greyhound Australia negligence, recklessness, wilful misconduct or otherwise, and whether arising by contract, in tort (including negligence), or otherwise, and the purchaser of this ticket and the passenger jointly and severally agrees to indemnify Greyhound Australia against any liability to any person on whose behalf such travel was booked or such ticket was purchased.
  18. These conditions of this ticket contain all the terms of the contract between Greyhound Australia and the passenger and the purchaser of the ticket, and no condition, warranty or other term is to be implied, either by statute or otherwise, except to the extent that the operation of these conditions is excluded, restricted or modified by the Trade Practices Act, 1974.
  19. This agreement is governed by and to be construed in accordance with the law of the State of Queensland. Any proceedings against Greyhound Australia shall be brought in the State of Queensland.
  20. In these conditions of travel “Greyhound Australia” or “Greyhound” shall include Greyhound Australia Pty Ltd and subsidiary companies, its officers, employees, agents and subcontractors to the intent that Greyhound Australia issues this ticket for itself as agent for its officers, employees, agents and subcontractors, and these conditions operate for the benefit of and to exclude liability on the part of not only Greyhound Australia but all its officers, employees, agents and subcontractors.
  21. These Terms and Conditions do not exclude or limit the application of any provision of any statute, federal or otherwise, (including the Trade Practices Act 1974) where to do so would:
    1. contravene that statute; or
    2. cause any part of these Terms and Conditions to be void.
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