4 or 5 Weeks

We’re guessing that if you’re like the Epic Gap Year team you love to travel and tackle some new challenges along the way, that’s why we absolutely love our Traveling Spanish Classroom Experience – the perfect way to combine learning a new language with South American charm!

“The perfect start to my South America trip, not only did I become confident with the language but I got to explore with some great people too.”
Michael, Canada

This unique experience – with a 4 or 5 week options – bundles together a whole heap of Spanish lessons for all levels, covering 2 different sets of locations across the beautiful country of Ecuador.

You  have the opportunity tol cover the amazing beachside Surf vibe of Montanita, the bustling Port town of Manta, the countries capital of Quito and the charming and historic UNESCO heritage listed town of Cuenca and even spend a week exploring the jungle, so it goes without saying that you really will get a full taste of Ecuadorian life!

The 5 week options also adds in an extra week in Montanita at the end of your experience so you can have the best possible finish to your travelling classroom adventure and enjoy some serious relaxation or party time depending on your mood! From there, you can head down into Peru, grab a flight to the infamous Galapagos Islands or head home if that’s the end of your adventure.

During your time on the road, there is plenty of time to play and we’ve bundled together some great activities to keep you busy, including hot pools, surf lessons and visits to some incredible local markets – all of which you’ll be able to enjoy even more with your newly acquired (or much improved) Spanish language skills.

Travel, culture and learning a new language, what more of an epic adventure could you ask for?!

You can also begin the travelling classroom in Montanita too – please contact us for start dates and pricing.

Additional information

Trip OptionsJungle, Cuenca
Length Options4 Weeks, 5 Weeks

Week 1

 Quito – The historical capital of Ecuador and a UNESCO heritage site, this city sits amongst volcanic peaks, is 2850m above sea level and it’s cobbled streets are filled with Spanish flair. Included in Quito are the hot pools, a trip to the centre of the world, a day trip to Otavalo market, Cotopaxi National Park and ‘Nariz del Diablo’, a thrilling rooftop train ride at Riobamba.


Week 2

Jungle Option – Situated at a new holistic language learning initiative within the natural and cultural environment of indigenous communities, the jungle week is set in one of the most bio-diverse areas of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. You’ll trek through natural reserves to see the wonders of birdlife and vegetation, enjoy river adventures and participate in traditional cultural activities such as artisanal fishing, using a blowgun or shamanism. It strives to promote a sustainable balance between indigenous communities, traditional cultural values, and the natural environment. (During some weeks you will also visit an Amazonian Animal Rescue Centre, weather permitting.)


Week 2

Cuenca Option – Based in the historic center of this UNESCO World Heritage Site high up in the Sierra where  you can enjoy an abundance of art and museums alongside regular cultural and musical events. Every day is like springtime and nearby are the magnificent 275 lakes and natural reserves that make up the famous Cajas National Park and Cuenca is also renowned for its silver jewellery, quality leather and handicrafts. Included during the Cuenca week is a city tour, a salsa class, a visit to the stunning Central Bank Museum, the ruins of Pumapungo and the Inca Garden, a traditional Ecuadorian cooking class and a visit to the archeological site of Incapirca.


Week 3

Manta – known as the world capital of Tuna and is small city situated in the Province of Manabí. Local life revolves around the sea and everyday 100’s of massive wooden fishing boats head out to sea, later to return laden with every type of seafood imaginable. Just out of Manta is Santa Marianita the kitesurfing mecca of Ecuador and nearby is the natural wonder of Isla de la Plata, also known as “Poor man’s Galapagos”. Included during this week is a Manta area tour and an Isla de la Plata day trip where you can enjoy the rare and exotic wildlife including blue-footed boobies and nesting albatrosses. If you are lucky you may also have the chance to observe up close Humpback whales as they make their long migration to the Galapagos


Week 4/5

Montanita – One of the EGY Teams favourite destinations on the planet, this small surf town has the perfect mix of cocktail and salsa fuelled nights alongside lazy days of beachside living. It may be a small town but it certainly has a big personality! The perfect place to try out a spot of surfing and top up your tan. Included during the Montañita week are surfing lessons, Ecuadorian cooking class and a surf trip to Las Tunas. Who wouldn’t enjoy a place that offers so much!

2017 Start Dates

  • 1st Jan
  • 29th Jan
  • 26th Feb
  • 26th March
  • 23rd April
  • 21st May
  • 18th June
  • 16th July
  • 13th August
  • 10th Sept
  • 8th Oct
  • 5th Nov
  • 3rd Dec
  • 31st Dec


  • See and explore the many different sides of Ecuador
  • Caters for any level of Spanish
  • A great way to learn on the move
  • Heaps of included activities to get the most out of your time


  • Perfect mix of grammar and applied lessons
  • Friendly and experienced Ecuadorian staff
  • Soak up the sun and surf in the famous town of Montanita
  • Explore the amazing cities of Quito, Manta and Cuenca
  • Enjoy a week of jungle living in the Amazon (Jungle Option Only)


  • 20 hours of Spanish lessons per week (small group format)
  • Accommodation throughout (mixture of shared dorms and home stays)
  • 1 week in Quito
  • 1 week in Manta
  • 1 week in the Jungle or Cuenca
  • 1 week in Montanita (2 weeks on the 5 week option)
  • Transport throughout
  • Internal flight to Manta (Jungle Option Only)
  • Airport pickup (from Quito)
  • A whole heap of extra activities
learn spanish travelling classroom ecuador montanita quito manta cuenca

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