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The underwater world has long been a draw for backpackers, finding secluded beaches and clear, warm waters is the epitome of the traveling dream for many.

So why be content with swimming above it? Jump in and get under the waves with a bit of SCUBA Diving!

The Phi Phi Islands, on the West coast of Thailand, is an ideal place to do just that. Whether you’re a beginner or furthering your Dive education, it’s variety of Dive sites and marine life will keep you coming back for more!

The sprawling reefs of Bida Nai, drift dives along Piley Wall and wreck dives at the King Cruiser are just some of the diving highlights you will experience during your Dive experience here?

How far you go and how much Diving you do is up to you, you can opt for a single experience or package 2 or more together. Check out the Course Options tab for the full breakdown on what each certification allows you to do.

Of course, when you’re not Diving you’ll be kicking back on Phi Phi Island itself. The Epic Gap Year team love it here, to be honest you only have to look at a photo of the lookout to be sold!

“Not only did I fall in love with Diving but I can’t get enough of Phi Phi either!”
Harriet, Australia

White sand beaches meet a bustling backpacker island, where Thai and Western culture exist hand in hand. So whether you fancy hitting the beach bars at night or enjoying some street food at the back alley markets, you’ll feel right at home.

Leave your flip flops in your rucksack too, the pace of life here is pure island style with push bikes and walking being the only way to get around!

On your days off from Diving, take a stroll to the lookout, hire a kayak to explore the many bays, take a day trip to Monkey Beach or simply find a quiet place, set up a hammock and let the day pass you by!

Phi Phi isn’t the cheapest place to learn to Dive (our dive experiences on Koh Tao take that title), but it does offer some outstandingly beautiful and pristine Dive sites, places where lazy Leopard Sharks, Turtles and shoals of colourful fish call home.

You will be guaranteed an epic Dive experience!

Additional information

Course OptionsDiscover Scuba Diving, Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver
  • Discover Scuba Diving; The perfect place to start for those who want a taster without committing to a full course. You’ll be guided through a few basic skills before being chauffeured around underwater by a fully qualified instructor for 2 Dives. Max depth 12m.
  • Open Water; Your first step into the world of professional Diving, this course will teach you all the skills needed to get you started. Following a series of pool training sessions and ocean dives, you’ll walk away with a full PADI qualification. Max depth 18m
  • Advanced Open Water; A great bolt on to the OW experience this is a great way to practice your skills (especially buoyancy) and clock up some more dives too. We highly recommend doing the deep water specialty so you can then dive to 30m. Max depth 30m
  • Rescue Diver; So you’ve discovered a real passion for Diving and want to take the next step to turning it into a career? The Rescue Diver qualification is the first challenge on that route. Learn to recover missing divers, safely get them to shore and administer life support. It’s a tough module but heaps of fun and it will really solidify your existing Dive skills. Max Depth 30m


  • Introduction to Diving right through to professional qualification
  • Based on the island paradise of Phi Phi in Thailand
  • Heaps of non-Dive activities
  • Dive warm, tropical waters with a range of Dive sites


  • Professional team of experienced Dive Instructors to guide you through
  • All classroom materials
  • Great range of Dive sites, coral gardens, wrecks, drift and deep dives
  • World recognised qualifications


  • Full SSI training curriculum and certification
  • All Dive equipment and manuals
  • Lunch and refreshments on Dive days
  • Great professional Dive team covering a variety of languages
  • Dives as follows;
  • Discover Scuba Dive – 2 Dives
  • Open Water – 5 Dives
  • Advanced Open Water – 5 Dives
  • Rescue Diver – 2 dives + pool work
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