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When people picture the perfect surf camp, many drift away to images of beaches fringed with palm trees, warm clear waters, cold beers at sunset and a place surrounded by happy, tanned and like-minded people.

We’re pleased to tell you our surf camp in the Philippines delivers all of this — and more!

The camp is situated on the island of Siargao, only an hours flight from Cebu (where our Philippine Freediving and Surf Survival Courses are based) or a couple hours from the capital of Manilla. The vibe here is very much island-time and you’ll instantly feel at home in this tropical paradise.

You’ll be staying a short barefoot stroll from the ocean, at the world famous Kermit Surf Camp. Your accommodation is clean and comfortable whilst still retaining the rustic charm of palm thatched huts nestled amongst palm tree forests — your own slice of surf camp perfection!

Right from the beginning and the scenic inbound flight over crystal clear ocean, numerous reefs and sprawling mangroves, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into a real life surf movie!

And, of course, surf is what you’re here for!

Siargao is home to some truly epic waves for all levels of surfer, and the surf in the Philippines flies much lower under the tourist radar than places like Bali or Australia, affording you less crowded waves and a proper surf adventure!

“Definitely one of my favourite places to surf in the world, already planning my return!”
Matt, UK

The most famous spot on the island is without a doubt Cloud 9, which features in heaps of surf flicks. Its powerful, hollow right hand barrels can be the wave of a lifetime. If you don’t fancy the paddle out  (and we don’t blame you, as it’s quite daunting!) it’s still an amazing experience to chill out on the board walk overlooking the break and soak up the stoke whilst watching locals and travelling surfers charge this amazing wave.

If Cloud 9 isn’t for you it’s no worries — there’re a whole heap of spots along the coastline of Siargao and its neighbouring islands, all of which are easily accessible by motorbike, taxi and boat. You’ll find surf to suit all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Spots like Dacu offer a great introduction to reef breaks, Cemeteries (a short paddle out in front of the surf camp) serves up a good mixture of lefts and rights, and other favourites like Stimpys or Rock Island all work on varying swell and wind — so you’ll always find a wave.


Our surfari experience for people who already have a good level of surf experience includes daily guiding so you’ll be paddling out to the best waves — accompanied by surfers who know the area like the backs of their hands.

If you feel like a lay day or the surf isn’t quite playing nice, there’re also some epic day trips that you can opt in for to explore more of this beautiful island and make the most of your time in the Philippines.

The lagoon tour will see you cruising through the salt water mangroves at the west side of the island before spending the day relaxing and SUPing through the crystal clear waters of this hidden gem, whilst the island hoping tour involves taking in some of the beautiful surrounding islands.

This spot is really surf, eat, sleep, repeat — what more could you ask for!?



Additional information

Accommodation OptionsAC Bungalow 1 Person, AC Bungalow 2 Persons, Surf Hut 1 Person, Surf Hut 2 Persons, Fan Room 1 Person, Fan Room 2 Persons
Please NoteAll price are subject to a 12% local tax, payable on arrival

Cloud 9: A perfect barrelling right and left hander wave breaking over a soft reef. It’s a world-class wave and can get very crowded and very heavy. Best surfed during mid to high tide. Although it is a relatively short wave, it barrels nearly the whole way and guarantees high satisfaction. Not a beginner’s wave.

Quiksilver: Located next to Cloud 9, Quicksilver is a similar wave but smaller in size. The wave is normally a right, but sometimes the left is good as well. Although not as infamous as Cloud 9, it should not be underestimated as it can be quite heavy. Best surfed during mid to high tide; low tide can be quite shallow. A good wave for learning.

Tuason Point: Easily accessible. It’s a very powerful wave breaking over a shallow reef. The wave is one of the best lefts in the island, however it only starts to work at 3 feet. Best at high tide — low tide can be dangerous as it gets pretty shallow in places. Not a beginner’s wave.

Jacking Horse: A jacking peak that explodes onto a shallow reef. The wave then reforms on the inner reef, creating a beginner wave. The wave is a fast right hander. Rarely surfed and only good during mid to high tide.

Cemetery (Pisangan): Just in front of the resort. Possible to walk/paddle there (15 minutes), or accessible by boat (3 minutes). Very long and good left and right hander wave barrelling when the wind is offshore. It gets the same size as Cloud 9, but is a gentler wave. Best mid to low tide. The shoulder can be a good wave for beginners. Normally no crowds.

Guyam Island: In front of General Luna is Guyam Island. There are many breaks behind the island and you can choose your own peak — no competition for waves. Best mid to low tide. Accessible with a boat from GL.

Dako beach: Fun and gentle wave breaking in front of Dako Island (located in front of the resort) over a deep coral reef. Good wave for learning but can become big during the winter season. Mid to high tide only. Accessible by boat from the resort (10 minutes ride).

Dako Corner: First class wave breaking in the north tip of Dako Island. Normally a right hander. When big it offers good barrels — this is not a beginner’s wave. Beware not to get caught in the inside because it can be difficult to get out to the line-up again. Accessible by boat in front of the resort (10 minute ride).

Stimpies: A first class left hander wave that wraps around a small island. Fun wave under 4 feet — over that size it becomes quite heavy but still breaks perfectly. Great tubes and can handle big swells. Good mid to low tide. Accessible by boat from Cloud 9 or in front of the resort.

Rock Island: An excellent long right hander wave that breaks and barrels next to Rock Island. Best with no wind at low to mid tide. It can hold swell up to double overhead. Accessible by boat from Cloud 9 or in front of the resort.

Shifty’s: A right hand reef break in front of Santa Fe. Best low to mid tide with wind from the south. Fun wave when small but can become quite heavy.

Pilar Left: Quality left hander wave that breaks in front of Pilar. Good when the wind is from the north (January to March) at mid to high tide. Access by boat from Salvation.

Caridad Left or Supertubos: Awesome left barrel wave breaking over reef. Protected from the common north winds. Good during high tide. 1 hour motorbike drive from General Luna or 1 hour boat ride from the resort.

Pacifico: A long barrelling left wave that breaks over a rocky reef. Best surfed during high tide. 1 hour motorbike drive from General Luna.

Pansukian Reef: Needs medium to large swell direct from the east to south east. This wave looks like an upside down, teardrop shaped barrel. It’s a heavy break and only for expert surfers. Best at high tide. Accessible by boat in front of the resort (15 minutes).

Other Waves: Within 2 hours boat or motorbike ride there are approximately 10 world class breaks, which are never too crowded and well worth the trip. There are also a few well guarded secret spots that can be found if you look hard enough. If the swell condition is good, Kermit organizes trips to these amazing waves daily.


  • Warm water waves!
  • Variety of breaks for every level of surfer – beaches, reefs and points
  • An expert local guide knows where to head on the swell and wind
  • Runs year round, start any day that suit you!


  • Surf world class waves like Cloud 9
  • Variety of waves for every level of surfer
  • Expert, local guide to help make the most of the conditions
  • Over 15 breaks within easy reach of the camp
  • Explore a tropical paradise – with heaps of day trip options
  • Accommodation in true surf camp style


  • Airport/harbour pickup and drop off
  • Accommodation throughout (various options)
  • Daily breakfast
  • Surf guiding throughout
  • 1 or 2 surf sessions a day (dependant on weather, tides and swell)
  • All transport for surf guiding (taxi, jeep and boat!)
  • Surf kit throughout (although you can bring your own too)
  • Day tour booking service (tours at additional cost)
  • Free wifi at the camp
  • In house restaurant and bar
  • Massage (1 x 1.5hours)
  • Free drinking water refills (keep the plastic bottles at bay!)

Accommodation Options:

  • A/C Bungalow
  • Surfer Hut & Cottage (Fan cooled)
  • Backpacker Room (Private Room With Shared bathroom)

PLEASE NOTE; All price are subject to a 12% local tax, payable on arrival.

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surf camp surfari guiding beginner learn to surf siargao philippines surfing
surf camp surfari guiding beginner learn to surf siargao philippines surfing
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surf camp surfari guiding beginner learn to surf siargao philippines surfing
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surf camp surfari guiding beginner learn to surf siargao philippines surfing

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