8 or 12 Weeks
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is certainly an up and coming surf destinations – with it’s warm waters, amazing culture and pumping surf. So why not turn the ocean into your office with our zero to hero surf instructor training course in Weligama Bay, Sri Lanka with the crew of Solid Surf House?

Life as a Surf Instructor is pretty sweet, with your daily life being filled with sunshine, waves, smiles and heaps of ocean based stoke. Epic Gap Year founder Chris has spent the last few years season hopping across the globe, it really is a ticket to a life of travel and serious job satisfaction!

“Even before I’d finished the course the EGY Team had helped me land a job in Costa Rica – now I’m living the dream!”
Jonas, Switzerland

You’ll go through a structured programme of both land and water based lessons and gain confidence in the waves, learning about the ocean, the sport and taking the leap into a lifestyle that, with no doubt, will change how you see the world.

Your professional instructors will help push you in a supported and safe environment, allowing you to increase your fitness and ocean knowledge. Starting from the very basics of learning to “pop” and ride the white wash you’ll soon progress to riding unbroken waves, learning about ocean safety and become a confident and competent surfer.

Over the 3 month period, you will set yourself personal challenges, tackling bigger waves, a variety of surf breaks and get your paddle power sorted.

Trust us, paddle power is the key to enjoying a long, successful session in the waves!

For those with some prior surf knowledge there is also an 8 week option, allowing you to complete the course in a shorter time period.

Before you know it, you’ll have learnt all the skills needed to be a success surf instructor, breezed through an internationally recognised Level 1 Surf Instructor exam (ISA Level 1) and you’ll be on your way to living the dream and passing on the stoke!

It’s not all hard work in the waves (if you can really call it that!) you’ll have the weekend free to explore the local area and there are some awesome mini trips included to help you experience the amazing culture and experiences Sri Lanka has to offer

Throughout your Surf Instructor Course you’ll be based in the awesome town of Weligama Bay, which is lined with palm trees, full of amazing street food and has all the hospitality and vibes you expect from a surf town in Sri Lanka.

The surf villas you’ll be staying at come kitted out with 2 pools, A/C, private bathrooms and even a bar – so you’ll be living the dream throughout your stay!


You will leave here not only with a heap of qualifications, which mean the ocean is your office, but with heaps of amazing memories and a new found surf crew of like minded individuals, welcome to the surf community!


Additional information

Course Options8 Week, 12 Week
Course Start Dates (12 Week)1st March, 1st June, 1st September, 1st December
Course Start Dates (8 Week)1st January, 1st April, 1st July, 1st October


  1. Full Payment required within 7 days and receive a free ticket for the 12 week course. Only for the first 6 bookers of the 12 week course and available till two months before every starting date of the 12 week course. After the first 6 bookers or bookings within 2 months before starting date, we charge the normal fee.
  2. Only for tickets with maximum 900,- EURO / 760,- GBP / 951,- USD value coming from: WORLDWIDE
  3. Providing proof of ticket confirmation and bank statement.
  4. We reduce the ticket price of the total invoice price!

Normal Bookings 8 weeks or 12 weeks – NO free flight:

– Normal bookings without free flight, we require 50% deposit within 7 days – remaining payment due 1 month prior to arrival. After the 50% deposit, full payment is required no later then one month before arrival.

If you want to discus other payment terms after the initial 25% deposit then please contact us. We are open for payment plans and proposals.


  • 12 week zero to hero format, catering for all levels of Surfer
  • 8 week format for those with prior surf experience
  • World recognised Surf qualification – Level 1
  • Professional instruction throughout
  • Gain all the knowledge and qualifications needed to get started in the Surf industry
  • Pretty much all inclusive equipment, accommodation and food


  • Surf a variety of Surf breaks in the area
  • Live a mere stones throw from the Surf
  • Explore more of what Sri Lanka has to offer
  • Go from grom to surf coach
  • Learn to live the dream!


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