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The underwater world is filled with amazing marine life and getting up close and personal with them is what keeps divers coming back for more. within the world of diving there is one job that many see as the creme de le creme of professional (and hobby) diving, the Underwater Videographer and Photographer.

So we’ve teamed up with our dive suppliers on the amazing island of Koh Tao to offer an Underwater Videography and Photography experience, aimed to help kick start your journey into a life of ocean, editing and ultimate job satisfaction.

“Combining my love of diving and photography is one of the best things I’ve ever done”

Ally, UK

Over 10 days, you will hone your land and water based techniques, Shadowing a team of professional Videographers as they explore the dive sites of this Thai island and work closely with a globally recognised dive schools to produce videos and images for their customers.

With classroom and practical modules covering everything from storyboarding and framing techniques through to advanced buoyancy control and lessons on Adobe Premier and Photoshop.

You’ll leave with a well rounded set of skills that allow you to shoot, edit and present professional quality images and video.

If you have a passion for diving and an eye for photography, this is a great way to combine them both, learn a heap of new skills and open up a great new career path in the process.

PLEASE NOTE – You need to be at least an Advanced Open Water Diver to participate in the Videography Programme. Don’t worry if you’re not though, we can set you up with them, it just means adding an extra week prior to the start date…learn more about our dive courses on Koh Tao here.


  • Learn Underwater Videography and Photography techniques
  • Get to grips with software and editing schedules
  • Improve your diving heaps
  • Mixture of land and water based filming and photography


  • Ultimate neutral diver modules, learn how to barrel roll, hover, invert, chase and reveal
  • Work alongside seasoned professionals
  • Hands on work experience at a globally recognised dive school
  • Opportunities for paid work post-course
  • Get to grips with video and photo editing software
  • Modules on photographing people and marine life


  • Dives throughout
  • Videographer mentor to shadow underwater
  • All classroom materials and access to software
  • Hands on experience
  • Camera rental throughout
  • Based on the backpacking island Mecca of Koh Tao
koh tao scuba dive videography course photography (1 of 7)
koh tao scuba dive videography course photography (1 of 7)
koh tao scuba dive videography course photography (1 of 7)
koh tao scuba dive videography course photography (1 of 7)
koh tao scuba dive videography course internship-5
koh tao scuba dive videography course internship-2
koh tao scuba dive videography course internship-1
koh tao underwater videography photography course internship
koh tao scuba dive videography course internship-6

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