Want To Get Paid Whilst You Travel?!
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Want to get paid whilst you travel?!

Of course you do, so we’ve put together a list of the top jobs that combine travel and earning to maybe tempt you into a life of living on the road!


Surf Instructor

One of our favourite ways to work and travel! As qualified surf coaches some of our team have enjoyed bouncing around the likes of Morocco, Ecuador, Portugal and New Zealand passing on the stoked and teaching people to surf. It’s a great way to kick back, turn the beach into your office and generally live the good life!

Sure it doesn’t usually pay way – but it’s a small trade off for living the dream!

If you’re looking at taking this route check out some of our surf instructor courses – including a zero to hero course in South Africa, Australia and even Portugal.

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Divemaster or Dive Instructor

Almost as fun as surf coaching is the life of a Divemaster or Dive Instructor – it’s very same same but different, being paid to travel and working underwater. Professional diving can take you all around the world too – whether you fancy the colder waters of Iceland or the warm party vibe of Thailand.

Pay wise as a divemaster you’ll cover your costs and save a bit if you’re savvy – but becoming a full blown instructor will allow you to earn a lot more, but it does come with a bigger workload!

We’ve got heaps of locations to choose from for your divemaster course too – including Thailand and Indonesia.

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Freelance Writer

If writing is something you’re good at there’s plenty of opportunity online to work as a freelance writer, researching articles and producing quality content. It’s a tough gig to break into and takes a mixture of luck, talent and networking – but once you’re in it quickly snowballs and can provide a great income wherever you have wifi!


Travel Blogger

Professional travel blogging may seem like the easiest option to work and travel but believe us it’s not! You need to wear many hats – including marketing, SEO, photography and social media expert…if that doesn’t phase you and you have a real passion for sharing your stories on the road then it’s ideal.

Pay wise it depends on how marketing savvy you are, your readership and how long you stick at it!


Teaching English Abroad

One of the most popular ways to travel and work these days has to be the TEFL course – which allows you to teach english as a foreign language.

With jobs available world wide (Thailand and China are some of the most sought after spots) there’s plenty of opportunity to bounce around the world once you’re qualified, something that doesn’t actually take too long or cost too much either!


Online English Teacher

Our good buddy and team member Stephen from A Backpackers Tale has recently got started on this line of work and he’s loving it! You basically work as an online tutor via the joys of Skype, teaching kids from all over the world how to speak English…it’s like Skype TEFL basically!

All you need to get cracking is good wifi, which can be easier said than done in some places!


Cruise Ship Worker

We’ve a few friends who are making some serious good money and travelling the world working on cruise ships. From photographers to auctioneers, deck hands to entertainers – there’s heaps of job roles on these floating hotels. Be warned though this can be seriously tough work, with long hours, but it does allow you to rack up some serious passport stamps!


Ski/Snowboard Instructor

If the cold is something you’re more comfortable with and you’re a dab hand in the snow becoming a ski instructor or snowboard instructor is the perfect way to make bank, hit the slopes heaps and enjoy life. Some of our team have season hopped for the last few years – covering Canada, New Zealand and even Australia and they love it.

Check out our ski and snowboard instructor courses in France, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and the USA if you’re keen to turn the piste into your office!

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Yacht Work

Must like cruise ship work Yachting can earn you some seriously good dollar. It’s not the cheapest thing to get involved in though and the qualification needed to get even a basic deck hand job will see you investing a few thousand pounds! Still once you’re in the loop and working hard the pay and tips are well worth it. To boost your chances extra qualifications like dive master and masseuse will help you land that dream placement.


Au Pair

If you can get au pair work it’s a great way to spend a solid amount of time in a single place and earn in the process too. Some positions are accom only but many come with perks like cars, pay and food included so if you’re not so keen on moving around a lot this is the ideal option.


Freelance Graphic Designer

Our in-house designer Josh will vouch for this one – he’s been on the road for over 2 years freelancing as a graphic designer, working for companies all over the world and of course working for us too! It takes a bit of effort to get established but once you get going you can pick your own clients, hours and of course rates!

If you work as a designer now there’s really no major reason you can’t be doing that work from abroad!


Have you landed an awesome job that lets you work on the road or have any ideas? Feel free to share them in the comment below!


February 27, 2015
I am a Divemaster and landed a job on a Live a board in Micronesia- I can assure you it is not same same haha, every dive is different and so is everyday living on a boat! And believe it or not there is good money to be made-especially if you plan to live in the country you are working and it costs a lot less than living at home!
Epic Gap Year
March 2, 2015
Wow what a great gig Sarah! Stoked to hear you're making some good bank as a DM - tempted to do your instructor course soon?

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