5 Travel Goals for 2016
2016 travel goals and plans

Are you planning some epic adventures and travel plans for 2016? Well you’re in good company as so are our team of world travellers!

But with so many places to visit and things to experience why not set yourself some goals for the year, focus your journey and make the most of your time on the road?

These are the travel goals our team are aiming for in 2016…


Travel To 5 New Countries

They say every year you should travel to some place you’ve never been before…but why stop at one? Our wandering nomads are hitting up heaps of new countries this year – from New Zealand to Vietnam, Costa Rica to Fiji.
Where is top of your list for this year?


Get Your Budget Under Control

Whether you’ve been on the road for 2 year or 2 weeks keeping your travel budget in check is a skill you want to master quickly – so why not set yourself a budget goal for 2016?
Our buddy Chris from Backpacker Banter is keeping on top of of goal of £25 per day throughout the year – which is the ideal benchmark for anyone hitting the road…challenge accepted!


Learn A New Skill

Wandering around the globe is heaps of fun, but here at Epic Gap Year we’re also keen to promote the fact you can have just as much fun whilst learning something new too!
Whether that’s learning to scuba dive with an open water dive course, picking up the local lingo learning Spanish in Ecuador or hitting the waves learning to surf get out there and be productive with your adventures.


Give Something Back

With all the amazing experiences you have on the road it’s always important to try and give something back to the communities and people that make your journey that much more memorable.
Simple things like eating at local restaurants or using a local tour guide make a massive differences to the community or you can go all out and get involved in a more structure programme like volunteering at a school or even marine conservation programmes.


Travel Overland More

As well as being more environmentally friendly than heaps of flights travelling overland is also way more fun!
We’ve lost count of the amount of awesome travel buddies we’ve met in bus stations and on overnight trains as well as the endless amounts of random stories that happen when you brave overland border crossings or slow boats down the Mekong!
If you’re not so keen on going it solo check out our range of travel passes covering everywhere from South East Asia to Australia for a slightly more structures approach without loosing all the fun!


Have you set your travel goals for 2016 yet?

Anything you’d add to our list?


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