We’ve Launched – Welcome To Epic Gap Year!
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Well it’s been a long time in the making but we’ve finally launched!

Over the last 8 months the Epic Gap Year team have been pooling their collaborative travel knowledge, coding, editing, building and generally stressing the hell out over building the site and bringing you an epic variety of travel experiences!

We’ve launched now though and we can all breathe a sigh of relief (and celebrate with an ice cold mojito!) and allow you to enjoy what we’ve created.

But you’re probably wondering what Epic Gap Year is and who we are!

Basically we’re a travel agency aimed to help you live the dream – it’s run by travellers, for travellers with 3 aims;


  • Help you indulge a passion
  • Allow you to learn something new
  • Open up new career paths


So if you want to do anything in the above we’ve got you covered! Whether you fancy learning a new language in South America, jumping on a dive charter boat around Thailand or taking your hobby to a new level by becoming an instructor we’ve hand sourced a variety of surf, dive, snow and adventure experiences from around the globe.

We’ve also teamed up with some of our amazing travel blogger friends to keep expanding our portfolio and bring you even more amazing experience over the coming months.

In the meantime have a browse, send us some feedback, have a read about who we are, enjoy our blog and social media channels and start planning your epic adventure.

We hope we can give you the tools to go live the dream.


Take it easy


Epic Gap Year Founder


We’ve also got to give a HUGE thanks to the following who have inspired, encouraged, supported and helped us make the site a reality;

Kaeleee for being there at the beginning and putting up with all our anti social hostel time, Scotty for the brainstorming road trip and advice, Jacqui for her amazing support and contacts, Dawn and Tony for their endless cups of tea and all round encouragement, the rest of the Stevens Goffs and Ellis’ for putting up with my alternative way of life, Josh and Little Cribby for all their design work, Jim Eddy Stefan and James for encouraging the initial idea and getting their companies on board, Gijs for all his amazing admin input, Weatherly for keeping me sane with Jack Daniels, everyone I’ve met on the road who have inspired me to keep travelling…sorry if I’ve missed everyone – but anyone who’d listened to me rant, chat or discuss ideas against their will or have helped checked out the site is much appreciated!



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