What Is A Gap Year?!
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Our name probably gives it away but we’re huge advocates of the gap year – all our team have been inspired by ours own gap years and we’re stoked to be helping people make the most of there’s through our hand sourced experiences.

But what exactly is a gap year?!

We’ve met people all around the world and when we explain what we do that’s one of the first questions we have!

So we thought we’d explain what a gap year is…and in the process hopefully convince you to take one yourself!


Different For Everyone

The obvious place to start is the dictionary;

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“A period, typically an academic year, taken by a student as a break between school and university or college education”


But the first thing we can tell you is that a gap year is very personal and it’s different for everyone. Sure there are some popular routes, destination and activities but it really is a same same but different situation.

Some people head off on their gap year to surf, some to scuba dive, some to simply experience some new cultures or live abroad for a while.

Everyone has a different agenda for their gap year too – so it’s pretty difficult to actually sum up what a gap year is easily – it’s whatever you want to make it!


Not Just A Gap

One of the biggest stereotypes that we’re trying to break through our site and experiences is the fact people see it as a gap, a period of time before “real life” starts. If you ask many people what a gap year is they’ll probably describe it as a prolonged holiday!

It doesn’t need to be like this though, all our team and our customers utilise this time productively – whether it’s training to become a surf instructor or simply figuring out where you want to head in life. Without the pressures of a job or schedule you can be creative and pursue a different path – it’s what we did!

Sure you can simply head off on a big holiday around the world, but why not be productive whilst having fun? Skills like learning to speak Spanish will look great on your CV and could be the extra thing that lands you your dream job…get some real world experience!


Not Just A Year

Although it’s traditionally a year we think that notion is pretty constraining – so why not ‘extend’ your gap year?! You don’t need to only take a year because that what some marketing guru decided to call it!

Some of our team have been travelling for over 4 years – making the most of visas, work opportunities and skills they’ve learnt along the way to keep living the dream!

If you make the most of your time on the road you can learn heaps of things that will help you travel and work, so there’s no need to put an end date on it unless you REALLY need too!


Not Just For Students!

People instantly think a gap year is exclusively for students. Well we’ve got news for you – ANYONE can take a gap year! 18 or 80 if you want to take some time to travel, explore the world and try some new things DO IT!

Don’t think because you’re in your mid twenties you’ve missed the boat – if you want it, take it!

We’ve been stoked to travel with heaps of amazing people from all backgrounds and ages too. Don’t think you’re too old to travel, travel is a mindset and everyone brings something different to the table, which is what makes it so amazing.

There are heaps of ways to travel, so don’t think you have to spend nights partying in hostel bars – you could flashback it in budget hotels or house sit for a bit of added luxury.

Age is irrelevant on the road, you’ll always meet like minded people, so stop making excuses and go see some more of the world!


So what is a gap year?! 

We think it’s an opportunity – and what you do with that opportunity and how you utilise it is down to YOU. Sure we can help point you in the right direction, but we’re not going to tell you what to do, because what’s the fun in that?!


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