Why I Jump – The Ultimate Rush Of Learning To Skydive

“I owned the world that hour as I rode over it. Free of the earth, free of the mountains, free of the clouds, but how inseparably I was bound to them.”

Charles Lindbergh

Getting into skydiving was not really this unreachable goal of mine – it all kind of happened organically.

I have always been obsessed with movement, with flight, with leaping from things and with falling. After trying skydiving when I was 20, I knew that one day I would fly.

It took 9 years for me to revisit the idea when I saw a man leap from a cliff I was rock climbing on in Tonsai, Thailand.

It was called BASE jumping.

I had only seen it in YouTube videos, and on GoPro commericals. But after repelling down the wall, and meeting this group of jumpers…. my life was changed. They were just like me – adventurers, travellers, lovers of life and new experiences, the only difference was…instead of watching other people take the risks, they decided to do it themselves.


So I decided I would too.

learning to skydive epic gap year travel


And I did. I saved all my money during the winter that year and headed straight to Utah to do my skydiving certification and it was the best decision I ever made.

The people that taught me do not even realize how grateful I am to them. They gave me wings, they gave me a new life. They gave me freedom. I think that people that teach in this industry are the most important to the sport.

They not only give people the tools, and advice that they will need to save thier own lives but they give them the strength and perspective to ignite personal strength within themselves that goes on unlit for so long.

Human flight is achievable and people are out there doing it everyday.

They risk their lives every time they take the leap, but it doesn’t matter because with every fall, they get a tighter grasp on the true beauty of humanity. We are a small small small part of this world, a very small part.  And with every leap we are more and more humbled.


learning to skydive epic gap year travel


There is nothing like the feeling of free-fall – everything stops for 60 seconds.

Your mind is in a state of tranquilly that is unreachable when your feet are on the ground.


There among the clouds, and the birds, and the horizon….I have never felt more at home. I feel comfortable there, the fear has left me….and in it’s place is the most euphoric peaceful sensation in my heart, and in my soul.


That is why I jump.

That is the only reason I will do it again, and again and again.

I am small up there, but I am small down here.

The difference is up there, there are no deceptions.

Everything is just as it seems to be.



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