Taking A Gap Year In South East Asia – Why You’ll Love It!
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South East Asia is an epic spot for a stand alone gap year or as the start or a full around the world trip – but why does everyone love it so much?

So we asked our team of world nomads and blog ambassadors to put together some of their top reasons for travelling South East Asia…

Cheap Living

Without a doubt one of the biggest draws of backpacking South East Asia is the cost…or lack of!

Countries like Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia come with a massively budget friendly price tag so you’ll get some serious bang for you buck, especially compared to more expensive destinations like New Zealand or Australia…although they’re totally worth the extra money!

But when you can grab a hostel from £3 a night, a meal for £1 and an ice cold beer on the beach from 50p it’s not hard to see why a lot of travellers opt to spend an extending period of time in this part of the world!


Heaps To Do

And with all that extra cash to splash you wont be short of experience in indulge in either!

Whether you’re exploring the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, learning to scuba dive in Thailand, island hopping in Indonesia or learning to surf in The Philippines there’s more than enough to keep you busy no matter what you love doing!


Easy To Explore

Despite what you might think South East Asia is pretty easy to travel around!

Overnight bus routes, trains, boats – they’re easily booked on the ground if you like to keep things a bit more spontaneous or some of the most popular routes form some of the Stray Asia Bus Passes – the ideal option for those travelling solo or new to the world of backpacking.

Whichever style you choose though you’ll be able to bounce around and make the most of what these amazing countries have t0 offer.


Epic Food

Even the thought of Asian cuisine gets our taste buds going!

Even if you’re not a massive foodie you can’t help but be stoked on the dishes on offer when you’re travelling around South East Asia and it’l bring a whole new dimension to your gap year!

Indulge in some epic street food in Thailand, gorge on fresh seafood in The Phillipines, eat deep fried tarantula in Cambodia, try some incredible curries in Malaysia…there menus are packed full of tasty treats!

…just save room for desert!


Incredible Cultures

And of course on the best biggest things people experience when hitting up Asia on their gap year is a culture shock – it’s one of the best things about travelling the world!

Asia has some amazing cultures and history to explore. From temples (seriously you’ll visit hundreds of temples!) to floating markets. Dark and troubled history to the friendly monks and smiling faces of the locals you’ll meet there’s so much to learn and embrace.

Soak it all up with an open mind, get involved in the customs and culture and make the most of this magical area of the world.


Have you visited South East Asia? What did you love about it?


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